{book} frankenstein takes the cake

DAY 25

Frankenstein Takes the Cake by Adam Rex

Harcourt, 2008.

I saw Adam Rex’s name, so…I had to show it to Natalya every three minutes (and that was me being restrained). Finally, N set the Isabel Allende book she’d been reading in Spanish and humored me only to be completely sucked into the read herself. Mind you’ve the time to spend, because there is no mere scanning of this one.

“A fantastically weird collage of re-imagined horror tales: Frankenstein is about to marry the undead woman of his dreams, but his future mother-in-law won’t stop hassling him; Edgar Allen Poe works on a crossword puzzle when he knows he should be writing; and aliens finally make contact with earth… but only to send us spam. Rex’s humor appeals to both parents and kids, and all readers will be impressed by his use of unusual forms of storytelling, like angry blog posts from the Headless Horseman and a special advertising section featuring the water diet for witches — watch the pounds melt away!”–Recommended by Sheila A., Powells.com

Shelia nails it with the “fantastically weird collage;” Frankenstein Takes the Cake will appeal and will impress. Rex adopts different styles and media and it is really kind of disgusting how successful he is with each. The creativity is inspiring and inspired to say nothing of entertaining. The opening pages feature a fun interactive comic in which the reader is at first mistaken of identity, and after the confusion is cleared, they get the closer look they need and—I won’t spoil it for you. But it is a brilliant opening because it reminds fans and introduces the new readers to Rex’s excellent sense of humor and comedic timing—which he confirms, just in case, by following the comic with a letter from the author.


ghoul scouts

A story can be found amidst Headless Horseman’s blog posts, the advertising section, Edgar Allen Poe and his increasingly frustrated Raven, a Peanuts inspired comic strip…if one is interested. I haven’t read Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich the first book in this series, but I will. But then I learned of Adam Rex from a Guys Read anthology, and then the brilliant novel True Meaning of Smekday [N recommends Cold Cereal, too]. But if you’ve a 5-10 year old, go ahead and start them here and keep Adam Rex on their shelves from here on out.  Not that you’ll need the excuse to have him around as well. He is such a talented author and illustrator and should not be missed.

Headless Horseman

{images belong to Adam Rex}

7 Impossible Thingsreview and about the pumpkin head for the Headless Horseman (seen above)

A R.eader’s I.mbibing P.eril to share with the youngest readers among us.

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4 thoughts on “{book} frankenstein takes the cake

  1. I love Adam Rex’s work. So much fun. I have to believe that he giggles like a schoolboy the whole time he is working. I’m so looking forward to the book he is doing with Gaiman. I have only glanced at this book. I need to actually snag it from the library and read it.

  2. Yes! I believe the same. with a few gasps of “yeah, that would be awesome” thrown in there.

    oooh! Rex and Gaiman?! nice!

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