{monday} catching up…


{“The Forest” by Karl Kwansy}

Outside my window it is very pleasant, blue and sunny and working toward the low-70s. The leaves litter everything and it is especially pretty since none are our yards or walks to rake and sweep.

I am listening to the clothes dryer, the dish washer, and (the dog) Eleanor’s soft snore from the couch behind me.

I am reading: Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough and a huge stack of other books are waiting rather impatiently. a few having been read but yet reviewed. as you can tell, those few sick days interrupted any scheduling I’ve tried to have here. well, and a picture book got me side-tracked and I had to set aside that review for a day or two.

Music this week: via Terri Windling’s blog I discovered Scottish singer/songwriter Karine Polwart. Ms Windling posted this video and I was really taken with the song.

Natalya and I are pretty partial to this song as well.

Screen Talk: 
We now own Prometheus (2012) and do I have thoughts on it more than “wow, that is pretty?” I’m sure I will. And yes, you will hear about Wallander Series 3. We really do need to catch on to these long 3-4 episode series here, they are just so quality. That said, I was sad Bones wasn’t on this week.

Around the House and favorite things from the week: 

–Sean and I received our ballots in the mail! I hope you are voting, and that you are good to go!

–Since 4th grade they kept telling N that her homework was going to be something of a burden she would have to deal with, prepping her for each progressive grade. There has been no real sign of homework until she entered this new program the other week. She has been slammed (Math probably taking more time for her than would be usual) and am I sad for her? only a little; but much of her overwhelm has been her needing to learn to manage her time better.

–Sean had brewed a Hefeweisen for me but I have to wait a bit more. Meanwhile, we opened a bottle of his White House Honey Brown Ale yesterday–not too bad.

–we tried out the Greek place around the corner for breakfast on Saturday–amazing! and the Chinese take-out (w/ tiny dining room) across the street from that for a dinner date that evening?–really good. and we learned what they mean by spicy… Then Sunday we happened to pick N up from a birthday sleepover w/ her bffs from where we moved and did not leave without having Celestino’s pizza. Yeah, a good food/drink weekend.


I actually set a time-limit for Pinterest, but I am spending a bit of extra time putting up a few book-related boards: the newest being “pb&…” for picture books. here’s the link to all my boards; some I update more regularly.

NBC Learn sponsored videos “Writers Speak to Kids” you may find worth checking out. All are talented and favorited authors.

I am a big Jon Stewart and The Daily Show fan and found this interview with Eugene Jarecki a must-share (and not just on facebook).

The New Yorker posted their endorsement and it is a really thoughtful piece, and not because I happen to agree. I know we are all tired and ready to find ourselves post-election, I just found this to be a bit of a balm against the political ads, television pundits, and irritating photo-meme-things that tend toward the false/irrelevant.

Have you seen this video making the rounds via Upworthy called “Finally, Pictures of Gorgeous Women That Make You Feel Better About Yourself Instead Of Worse.”

I know you heard about this: “Release Date and Story Revealed For Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane.” via “Stubby the Rocket” at Tor.

And lastly, another link via Tor, this one to an H.P. Lovecraft story called “The Terrible Old Man.” –with the reminder that RIP is still in full gallow-orious swing! (see side-bar for the Review-Site where you can find great seasonally-flavored reviews)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ibeeeg says:

    Shoot, if Natalya learns to manage her time better then please let her tell me the secret. my time-management stinks these days. I wish her the best wth learning to juggle homework with the desires to do what she likes.

    I need to organize my Pinterest boards, and was thinking about adding book related boards similar to Suey’s. I just have not managed my time well to get to this one as of yet. 😉

    Nope, I did not hear about Gaiman’s new book let alone the release date. Yep, I am out of the loop. I am glad to know that I have a new book to look forward to. 😀

    1. L says:

      the Gaiman book was a pleasant news surprise the other day, and even better how intriguing it sounds.

      I like Suey’s book related boards and I feel challenged to keep myself organized better..I feel like my routine just adds layers and I would actually like to shed some layers. I probably just need to figure out how to be more efficient.

      I will likely be taking cues from Natalya myself. 🙂

  2. Carl V. says:

    Karine Polwart is a great artist. Love her music. Not sure who it was who recommended her but I am glad they did. Mary and I enjoy her music very much.

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