{sunday} autumn’s brewing


{marshmallow by Charles Santoso}

outside my window…it is crisp but clear. pleasantly warm compared to the past few days which involved snow. need to stock up on hot drinks.

i am listening to…Sean and N playing Skylanders and the dishwasher running. soon there will be a groan of complaint because it is very near N’s bedtime.

i am readingThe Unnaturalists by Tiffany Trent, or I will be very soon. Notice how good I’ve been doing with the picture books thus far? I have a handful read for review, as well as a small stack of comics and scary reads like Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough. and N has added to my stack as well. busy read week ahead? I have a review coming for Mister Creecher by Chris Priestly and my Banned Books Week read Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya.

music this week…not a whole lot there unless The Voice on television counts. Did get some of Jack White’s Blunderbuss in today. How ’bout I share SHEL today as they are on my mind. SHEL are sisters from Fort Collins Colorado; their sound can vary and each of the siblings are remarkable in their own way and they take the time to accentuate each contributor. This video is a live performance of “When The Dragon Came Down”

screen talk…Shall I skip the commentary on the Debate the other night? Catching up on Series 3 of Wallander on PBS Masterpiece–holy crap! very dark but oh so good. Will finish and have a review this week. Re-watched The Avengers, yeah, I like it. And thanks to The Mary Sue I am starting to get comfortable with the idea of Thor 2 if not downright excited. And while I wasn’t wild about Captain America, the idea of the Winter Soldier! yes please! We are trying out Elementary, the new television series of Sherlock and Watson with Lucy Liu playing Watson (which isn’t all that repulsive an idea in premise–that said, why not make her a veteran? there are women in combat zones and have been a long enough while now…). We watched the pilot and another episode and are giving it one more go. Still going through Ponds withdrawal on Doctor Who

around the house… entering this new school, N was evaluated upwards into a 2nd tier (of 3) program her public middle school offers when we went to pick up her 1st tier schedule just before the first day. tomorrow, after further evals, she will enter the top tier program with hopes her math skills will not hold her back from the attention she needs in all her other subjects. all but two of her 3 of her classes will change and she picks up her schedule before first bell tomorrow. good news is that most of her new friends are from classes and times that won’t change.  Sean bottled some White House Honey Ale Saturday and will attempt brewing Hefeweisen next week (for me). His Anchor Steam looks pretty, but when he broke out a sip of his (9 mo) Krupnikas–mmm that was so good. The dog (Eleanor) was going bonkers smelling the honey liqueur–have I mentioned she loves to hunt bees? funniest thing. Me? only thing new is this sinus thing which I was glad to find wasn’t the flu (that Sean just had) but will things just finish rotting already?!

favorite things of the week…Took advantage of the free admission day at the Art Museum, which was awesome with N taking this Art Appreciation course at school–and well, Sean is so fun at an Art Museum w/ his Artist & Art History background. Finding N’s records from the last school so we could get her switched over to this new program. Sean worked from home Wednesday so that was nice, really nice.

Links... I love Mo Willems books and Powell’s is hosting a 30% off sale on select titles (which in their case is never code for “cleaning out titles no one reads let alone wants”).

This job application in video form for the S.H.I.E.L.D television show was amusing.

been adding to an “inspired writer” board primarily because a friend was interested in the idea that I used my “Look Here” board as a venue for Natalya. I thought about how I do not always censor that board (and N is mine so our lines aren’t others’, obviously) so I made another with some of N’s input. are you on pinterest? let me know.

I have really been enjoying Jeremy’s Hugo Endurance Project. It is not only a cool idea, but he has great reviews. His Ender’s Game should interest most of us, but Cyteen review was pretty shiny too!

Have you been keeping up with R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril (RIP)? here is the Review Site for great seasonal reading ideas, reviews, and conversation. And know that even if you are not participating in the Graveyard Book read-along, Carl has some cool activities you can participate in (and maybe win something?).

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