{sunday} except it is monday morning


Solitary Refinement by Duy Huynh

Outside my window…it is a Monday morning and according to Weather.com it is 68 degrees. Sean (needing our car today) has probably just dropped Natalya off at school just outside “the cage” (aka urban middle school blacktop).

I am listening to…the dishwasher and the clothes dryer. Its otherwise quiet but for the dog [Eleanor] staring at me rather loudly. Does she need out or is she wanting to play—she rarely makes a sound or speaks and usually to other dogs, things that surprise her in a major way, or when she is dreaming. [ok, she didn’t need out but humored me anyway; kong it is.]

I am reading: by Friday I had a new stack of Library books and a Reader full of galleys. I proceeded to have general laziness and a headache through the weekend. I did manage Amulet: The Prince of Elves (book 5) by Kazu Kibuishi, and some stories out of What You Wish For: A Book for Darfur.

Music this week: a random mix of things. Found out on Friday that Natalya likes to have Goat Rodeo Sessions on while writing, too, otherwise we ran through Of Monsters and Men’s album a couple times. I can tell you what I do not want to hear for a while “Santeria” by Sublime. 933.3 plays only (and not in order) the Billboard top 200 Rock music list; “Santeria” comes on at least once every day and usually during that small window of time I am in the car. Also, doesn’t anyone else want to hear something from FUN other than “Some Nights?”

Screen Talk: Only managed Doctor Who this weekend—the latest season and then a Christopher Eccleston/Billie Piper episode where he takes her to watch Earth explode. We are anticipating the last Pond episode next Saturday, though I have to say, I loved episode 1 this season, but it has been meh! ever since the “Dinosaurs in Space” which I didn’t really like at all. >>spoilers?<< what do you think of the Rory as the Master theory. you can read up on some of the ideas about it here. >>okay<< An interesting article “How Will the New Companion Change the Doctor? Steven Moffat Explains

I am thinking: I shouldn’t have forgotten to mix the fruit into the yogurt before mixing in the granola. I am hoping Natalya is not getting sick because last night she seemed like a cold or allergies was going to be visiting, but she was okay this morning. Sean is going to have a long day, I hope everything comes together for the project deadline. It is going to be a long walk to her school, but healthy for me (will be taking bus tickets). What should I fix for dinner?

Favorite things of the week: I won a The Hobbit Trivia Contest for two free passes to see an advanced screening of the The Hobbit in December! yay! Natalya had Friday off and it was nice hanging out with her. Saturday we had a nice lazy morning that involved a stroll around the neighborhood and breakfast and coffee/tea/cocoa at our local Dazbog (café) where we said hello to N’s Language Arts teacher.

Around the House: Sean is finishing up on a project, anticipating work on something. N—not sure what she is doing at school now that I think about it except she has few complaints. And then she has this personal writing challenge she is working on. Me, looking for work, writing/editing, and hoping evening allergies will dissipate sooner than later.


xkcd “click and drag” in which you click and drag that last image. Because you may spend a long time at it, here’s a map.

Had you seen this excerpt from Brandon Sanderson’s Legion?

Because many of us our going to be gearing up for Halloween soon…have you thought about participating in All Hallow’s Read ?

Also, remember Banned Book Week is coming up! the 30th year…September 30-October 6. I am still as yet undecided what I will read, but I will be posting on it later this week and throughout.

Suey (“Its All About Books”) is co-coordinating a Bloggiesta for this upcoming weekend. I had thought I wouldn’t be participating, but my schedule may allow it. This is a great way to do the things you’ve been meaning to do, find things you haven’t thought to try yet, and use the collective energy and enthusiasm to make it happen.

Thought this video was cool.

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  1. ibeeeg says:

    I hope Natalya is not getting sick; no fun.
    What did you fix for dinner?

    I am starting to do some image searches for potential prompts for N’s writing challenge , and for Elliana…who knows, maybe will grab me and I will write.
    I really liked that song you posted by Of Monsters and Men – thanks for bringing them to my attention.

    All Hallow’s Read – how so very cool! I like this idea a lot. Although, I will not give a book to trick or treaters, but for my nieces and kids —like this as a tradition. now, to figure out some cool age appropriate scary books. Any ideas for a 6, 9(he doesn’t read so really a picture type book would do), 13 (that is El), 15 and 16 year olds? Also for a 22 and 21 year old. They all love scary stories especially the older girls. Hmmm…I wonder if there is an online source that lists books in this type of genre for kids. I am gonna have to check into this.

  2. L says:

    she seems to be an upswing now so… and really we were just talking about how infrequently she gets sick, and then what happens? never again.

    chicken burger things… from the “quick and easy” portion of our meals-planned (which I always exhaust way earlier than I should because I regret it when a busy night hits and I have only a 3-hour recipe left)

    thanks, and glad you like them.

    yeah, me, too. I jotted down some reads off the top of my head, but am unsure on age etc. I am guessing the RIP review site has some suggestions for the older group and I know there are comics/picture books for the 9 year old… I am with you in that surely there is an online source list– will have to check into that as well.

  3. Jessica says:

    I always enjoy reading these posts. And thank you especially for the links. I hadn’t heard of All Hallow’s Read, and it sounds like a great idea. I’m also looking forward to Bloggiesta and Banned Books Week!

  4. Suey says:

    Thanks for the Bloggiesta shout out, and I’m so excited you may bet to participate! Yay! I started my banned books book today. Stay tuned next week! 🙂

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