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Natalya aka the daughter aka guest blogger N asked for this to be posted:

Hello all! This is your favorite guest blogger, N!

The other day I was stuck. I couldn’t write anything, not even edit works in progress. Mom aka L suggested I peruse her “Look Here” Pinterest board, pick an image and write a story for it. Below is an excerpt (the beginning, a first draft) of the result of that suggestion. Another result of that suggestion is this decision to start a personal writing challenge/project I am calling “Inspired Writer.” It has several parts.

First of all, I’m looking for inspiration from you. Leave a comment here or on the above page (tab: “inspired writer project”) and suggest:  links to inspiring sites or photos/paintings; quotes; movies; parts of plays or stories; poems; artwork; books; anything you find interesting or inspiring. It can even be your own work!

I will look at your suggestions and use them to write.

I will slowly post beginnings of potentially longer works, teasers, or maybe short stories or poems with whichever “spark” you contributed that inspired it.

After a certain date [             ] I will ask you all to vote on which “inspired writing” you want to see continued. I will start with the one with the most votes and if I have time, continue onto 2nd, then 3rd, etc.

Thank you for your contributions and encouragement!



*note from L. N is 12, a 7th grader, so please keep that in mind when contributing and know that I will be screening accordingly. Thank you for helping this young writer out on exercising her voice and skills.


My Heart Bled Ink

Day 1: Precious Existence

My mother keeps me away from the others. The others keep away from me. They tell each other that I am a plague. My mother tells me that I am a fragile flower. I tell myself that I don’t exist.

My mother is sure I exist; she combs my hair and coos pretty adorations for me, telling me that I am her fragile flower. She is trying to convince herself that I am there, that I am real. The doctors say that I exist. Them and their cold metal contraptions pressing against my chest. They frown when they say I exist. Because I might not exist much longer. This makes my mother cry, this makes my father run away. Their precious piece of porcelain might shatter. They place me on velvet cushions, rub me down with silk.

Must be careful.

I am precious.

Day 2: Lying and Sighing

I don’t believe their lies.

I do not tell them this. I smile when they want me to smile, I cry when they want me to cry, but I will not speak. Why would I need to speak when others already want to ignore me? I will grant their hidden request.

This upsets mother. This is when the velvet rubs the other way. When something is wrong with me, why can there not be another flaw? If the center of the flower is dead, do the petals matter? If the theme of a story is lost, do the words need to continue on?

—————————————————-by Natalya Lawren (September 20, 2012)

{image: Head of a Young Woman-Leonardo da Vinci}

Published by L

I read, and I write. and until recently, I sold books.

5 thoughts on “{life+writing} Inspired Writer

  1. Very nice, Natalya. I enjoyed your inspired piece of writing. You have a gift, keep trying to cultivate it. I will keep you mind, and send a link or two that may be of inspiration.

    I like this writing exercise. I am going to keep it in mind and may utilize it for myself, some day. I would love to see what Elliana could come up with.

    1. thank you.

      would love to see what inspired piece Elliana could come up with, written or illustrated.

  2. I agree with Deanna, very nice! Nice sparing use of language that hooks you right in, wondering exactly what will be the outcome. I love that image, that was a good one to pick for inspiration.

    One thing I do to discover other inspiring artists is to visit the blogs of artists I like and then follow links to other artists that they like and link to. To start with check out Anne Julie Aubry’s work and if you scroll down you’ll see an Inspirations heading on the left hand side with a bunch of links under it.

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