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{“Bedtime Story” by Stasia Burrington.}

a few things.

>>Do recall that R.eader’s I.mbibing P.eril has begun. I am finishing Karen Russell’s St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves and there are a few of the stories just right for Carl’s RIP non-challenge. We had considered watching something atmospheric–aside from Doctor Who–the season premiere!! but we didn’t get to it.

My fellow Whovians, you did see all the “Pond Life” webisodes did you not? d’you have a favorite?

>>Suey (It’s All About Books) and Danielle (There’s a Book Blog) are organizing the annual Bloggiesta and there is a call for sign ups! The dates are September 28-30. I’m still in limbo calendar-wise, but I was able to get good work done on bloggish things last year. The energy and encouragement, to say nothing of the advice in the topical posts, were really really helpful and fun.

Are you participating?

>>I love The Shelf Elf and she is doing a really fun thing on her blog. She is celebrating 30 picture books in 30 days, as inspired by Candlewick’s We Believe in Picture Books. I’m seriously considering following suit by celebrating picture books in October with posting one a day alongside my usual randomness and RIP.

Favorite all-time ever picture book? Not sure I could narrow it down myself…maybe PB author or illustrator.

>>I forget who now, but they posted this link to an article from the Los Angeles Times of YA and MG books optioned for films. Take a look at it, and maybe snort at the ignorant introduction:

“Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” were just the beginning. Dozens of bestselling young-adult and middle-grade titles have been optioned by entertainment companies and could be making their way to the big screen over the next couple years, including:

Um…”Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” were not just the beginning…Harry Potter (x8)? anyone? really, we’ve been doing this for a long time, well before HP. While I am excited for these authors and all that, I’m actually bummed we do not get to see more original screenplays. I understand market research and the already-there-fan-base, but you know, someone besides Pixar…

N would love to see Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy done; and Frances Hardinge’s Lost Conspiracy; which I vote for the latter to be done in Anime. I rarely, if ever, have the urge to see a book adapted to film after I’ve read it. Trying to think when the last one was…

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  1. Carl V. says:

    Mary and I decided we couldn’t wait and even though we don’t have cable or dish we are paying for the episodes of this season of Dr. Who as they come out and are watching them on Amazon Prime. Watched the last Christmas Special and ep. 1 of this season last night. So good to have some new Dr. Who! Without spoiling anything…hopefully…I’ll just say I think I’ll like the new companion. And Matt Smith just gets better and better in my opinion.

    Favorite picture book, eh? Boy that would be hard. Certainly ones by Shaun Tan and Sciezka/Smith would be near the top. Gaimain’s Dangerous Alphabet, illustrated by Gris Grimley is another. Not sure if Edward Gorey’s books count as ‘picture books’ in the traditional sense, but yes, gotta count those. I bought what looks like a fun book, from an illustration point of view, called The Insomniacs at BN today. Had to celebrate the beginning of R.I.P. by getting myself a little something, lol!

    1. L says:

      I think I will like the new companion, too. and I completely agree about Smith, I didn’t think I could love another Doctor after Tennant, but Smith has certainly become his own and has won me over! We don’t have cable either (we happened to be doing laundry at the in-laws).. but we found out the “mini-theater” room down the hall in our complex has cable and BBC America, here’s hoping we can stake it out early enough 🙂

      N bout Tan’s The Lost Things the other day. And I would count Gorey and certainly put him on my list. Will have to check out The Insomniacs.. and enjoy some more Gris Grimley this RIP.

      1. Carl V. says:

        I know, I felt the same way about another Dr. after Tennant, but while Smith is different I like him every bit as much.

        Sweet set up, I hope it keeps working out for you each week.

        Tan’s stuff is just so great. I’m glad to hear that N likes his work. I still want to see the DVD of his animated short that won the Oscar.

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