{monday} vacating summer


{Scent of Break by Lorena Assisi}

outside the window… the clouds are motionless, panes holding all the heat down. it is shorts and spandex weather, although I think the spandex may be a year round feature. There must be a fitness center nearby surely. It is only occasionally disturbing—on the side of under- not over-weight. I am at one of those Life Style Centers I could never afford to shop in, but hang-out occasionally for the husband to get off work. Boulder isn’t for the poor and unfit. Still, the Starbucks I am sitting with the daughter in is fairly equal opportunity.

I am listening to: something awful is piping in overhead. Of late, though, it has been Bon Iver’s first album For Emma, Forever Ago, and a song or two off of Of Monsters and Men My Head is an Animal, they are catchy. “Little Talks” may sound familiar to you, and here is the weird video:

And Lumineers anyone? “Ho Hey” is deceiving, they are much more country than I would have pegged them otherwise:

Watching: Rented Hunger Games (2012) with Sean having finished the trilogy just recently. Catching some Burn Notice as Sean is burning through the back seasons. And Face/Off is back on Syfy for another drama-filled run. Otherwise waiting for the shows to start. It’s been quiet on the film front, evenings spending themselves too quick.

I am reading: I am finishing Karen Russell’s short story collection St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves and hope to dive into Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies next. I have been having such a good stretch of reading 2 Hornby novels, the anticipated Natalie Dias Lorenzi, and Seraphina by Rachel Hartman (reviewing tomorrow).

I am thinking: This is my 500th post, but I could think of nothing more spectacular than this. Well, I could—with better organizing. Really, the count just snuck up on me. Which leads to yet another visit to the conversation: just how seriously should I take myself. I have been thinking: I am so cynical, and that I am exhausting myself, but even more tiring is head burials I’ve been witnessing.

Favorite things of the week: Having N home after so much of the summer away and exploring the book shop down the street and having a picnic in the park. Went up to Fort Collins Saturday for most of the day so N could hang out with her best friends. Sean and I had coffee/tea at a favorite café, people and puppy watching. Then to the Cheese Shop for a flight and long conversation with one of the owners (one of N’s bfs mom) and then her other bf’s mom stopping by to pick up the first bf, and… yeah it was so easy-going that we didn’t check the time and missed going to a movie. So we went to a late lunch where our food cooled while we caught up with a late co-worker of Sean’s. We just migrated around town until we landed at Celestino’s which has the best pizza.

Around the House:
N starts at her new school tomorrow and this evening there is an open house. Much bigger school, with the potential for a rougher population than she is used to. They cut their strings program last year, so she is debating as to whether to be the only violin in the 7th grade band or no. The experience has been more exhausting than in the past. Why must each school district and each school be not only “special” but “superior.” Almost unpacked. Almost ready for school to start. Almost a lot of things. Job hunting…bleh. I really want to be something so I can just see an ad and say: that’s me; and the job-poster replies: there she is; and we live happily ever after or until I move—again.

Things I hope to accomplish…  finally unpack the house for good. laundry—somewhere—because the apartment owner won’t buy a new one and the handyman can’t seem to be able to fix the unit. so 3 weeks now… we hope to have a really nice 1st week of school, that would be fantastic accomplishment. Hope to make an author signing Friday night. I am really looking forward to establishing a routine again.


Amy and Rory get a spin-off, some webisodes to prime us for the next season of Doctor Who.

Faith Erin Hicks on Paranorman (2012) for Tor.

Another Tor article: Hollywood Drops The Dark Tower–Again! Doesn’t stop casting speculation however. They are affording me so much time to read this series!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeremy F says:

    500th, wow! That’s pretty great. Congratulations and keep up the great posts. I have come across so many cool things because of your blog.

    I have also been listening to “Ho Hey” a lot this summer 🙂

  2. L says:


    it is catchy isn’t it.

  3. Carl V. says:

    Enjoyed both videos. I had heard the first song but never seen the video. Yes, weird. But fun.

    Glad you are getting unpacked and settled. Sorry for N and the fun…not…of forging her way in a new school. It will get better I’m sure but I empathize with her over those first days of newness.

    The Karen Russell short story collection is on my list too. I’m surprised I didn’t buy it a long time ago. Partially it is because my local BN never stocked it after her release of Swamplandia, which I thought was a weird move on their part. I could have ordered it but seem to forget about it when not in the store itself.

    Congrats on your 500th post, that is awesome. So glad you are part of the blogging community as I always enjoy what you have to say.

    And that open image is great!

    1. L says:

      I hadn’t seen the video either until I was hunting it up for this post. It is not something I would have anticipated by any stretch.

      N has been incredibly brave. Day one and two have been rated “good”. but man this has been a long week.

      my copy of Karen Russell’s short stories is a post-Swamplandia! edition, too. And it is odd because the collection won her all kinds of prestige. I am nearly finished reading it, and I hope a review will not be too difficult–I can’t get past “that is just weird.”


      1. Carl V. says:

        Yes, from what I’ve read of Swamplandia ‘weird’ certainly seems about right. Intriguing too.

        I’m glad the first few days for N have been good. I cannot imagine navigating those waters again, what a nightmare.

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