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School has been fairly reasonable this summer. Have been reading some Anne Bradstreet, Emerson, Thoreau, Poe and Hawthorne. Let’s not talk about Math…

But that is not where we have been swamped: Looking for rentals in Denver has be Hell. The competition for inflated rent per shrinking square footage is fierce. We think we are not homeless as of the 1st, but now for the moving part. (why are all the photos with people with “moving boxes” smiling?)

The silly action films were a nice home remedy for the stress. And Natalya is back from Camp and her visit with our family in the NorthWest. The flatware has not been put away for days, and the table was rarely set.

love the above xkcd comic, which added levity to our last move.

Can you make out the places being referenced?

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  1. Carl V. says:

    Sorry I didn’t realize, or remember, that you were having to do the moving thing again. The reason the folks in pictures with moving boxes are smiling is that they are all drunk! It can be the only explanation. The act of moving sucks! I do wish you all the best. Were I closer I would certainly show up with a smile and do my part.

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