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I have posted on favorite illustrators, costume designers and directors. I was thinking about posting on favorite authors, but not just any of my favorite authors, but those with whom I want more readers to become familiar. This first post for this feature is a bit of a cheat, but a good one.

For last year’s TalyaWren zine, author Adrienne Kress agreed to an interview with the daughter. I translated those pages into a png file, just right click the file and open in a new tab: kress interview 1.png There are images, an intro by Natalya, a lovely interview, and brief reviews of the books referenced.

Ms. Kress has written an essay for The Girl who was on Fire, has a story in Corsets & Clockwork: Steampunk Romance stories, and has a new (steampunk) YA book coming out in December: The Friday Society; she does Steampunk well. Alex and the Ironic Gentleman is still a favorite of Natalya’s, and its companion Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate is not too shabby either.


links to Adrienne’s website and blog.

her page at Weinstein Books (from where the above image hails and whose photo originated in Tom Tkatch’s camera.)

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One thought on “{author} adrienne kress

  1. The Friday Society looks and sounds like a fun book. I went ahead and added it to me ‘to read’ shelf on Goodreads so that I’ll remember come December. It was very sweet of her to be interviewed for the first ‘zine. I knew when I saw the name in my email on your post that it sounded familiar and this is why.

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