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this post is sure to contain spoilers concerning Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy.

Logan (Rememorandom) was curious what Sean and Natalya thought of book 3 of the Mistborn trilogy The Hero of Ages. I interrogated them over dinner after both of them finished the tome. Of note: I am working from memory here, and I have yet to read the books. The short answer is “They loved the whole series.” Here are the highlights.

I began with the similar response they both gave me upon finishing. N looked a little distraught. Sean admitted to getting teary-eyed, which he admits is rare when reading anything Science Fiction or Fantasy. He was that emotionally invested. “But what about Tolkien, [George R.R.] Martin, or [Patrick] Rothfuss? They’re pretty good about wrenching a tear or three aren’t they?” I asked. Sean reminds me that he is working from a greater context, throwing out genre-heavy names I have a vague memory of coming across.

I wondered aloud about the ending. The way Logan asked after their response I figured it must have been shocking, or offensive. Apparently Sean has friends who were curious as to his reaction as well. “So was it a deus ex machina?” We always hope for better, but… No. N thought the ending made sense. Sanderson was pretty strict on the point of logic throughout and he proved consistent up through the end, she defended (diehard fan, here). Sean did mention that he wondered about Ruin, “Sanderson built himself an out with the god Ruin.” A figure who essentially could facilitate any sort of ending (to an extent). “But he didn’t use him.” So he anticipated a back door as well. However, the extent of the demolition was not expected.

other generated thoughts… After explaining Preservation and Ruin, they talk about a restoration of balance. N lists off examples as to how the third book is all about balancing powers. But Sean mentions how Vin doesn’t exactly replace Preservation in that she is not pure having had experiences with destruction and Ruin. It is her perfect imperfection that creates that ending which doesn’t feel so much like a beginning as an ending; though Sean mentioned the space made for future stories.

…N missed the earring (until she couldn’t miss it), but Sean understood right away what it meant.


While we own the e-books, N is insistent that a tree and some ink be sacrificed for the extraordinary. Mistborn is on her very short birthday list alongside violin music, composition notebooks and pens.

So, obviously I was vague and a bit random. I really should have taped the conversation and that thought did cross my mind at the time. Please! Questions/Comments/Ranting…

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  1. Funny, considering the transliteration of deus ex machina and given what happened at the end of the book. I suppose a literal answer to that question would be “yes.” 🙂

    That said, it’s been a couple of years since I read this trilogy, and I’ve forgotten many things. What I’ve not forgotten was the fates of Vin and Kelsier and Sazed and Elend and Spook and Marsh and all the other characters that Sanderson gave life to. I may have invested more in the cast of characters in this trilogy than I have in any other (save, of course, Kvothe and Co.).

    I remember being shocked and stunned at the conclusion and the bodies in the field. The heaviness in my chest at what happened.

    I’ve not read Alloy of Law yet, the steampunkish tale that takes place several years after the trilogy, but I fully intend to one of these days. Sanderson’s cosmere is a fascinating place, and I love speculating on the relationships between his worlds and the characters in them.

    It’s also fun to note how Sanderson’s ultimate plans for the Mistborn world is a trilogy of trilogies. The first sets up the mythology and history for what happens later on. I think one is to be in a somewhat modern setting and the third trilogy a cyberpunkish-scifi future thing.

    I’m glad when other people experience the wonder Sanderson creates, especially when they’re positive. Mistborn was my first experience with the guy, but it turned me into a rabid fan. I’ve not read his YA Alcatraz and the Evil Librarians novels, either, but those are supposed to be fun and entertaining, too.

    Thanks for the feedback! I like getting responses to people’s reactions to this series.

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