{sunday} 06 May 2012


{“The Shadow On The Stone Bench” Illustrations for Maria Gripe book, published by ‘Nieko Rimto’ Vilnius, Lithuania 2009–Artist Lina Kusaite}

Outside my window. it is raining. it has been aching to do so for two days. it feels and smells glorious.

I am listening to:
Sean at the table w/ N getting the top she made in Tech class (shop) to work consistently. there is the rain dripping of course, and wet tires on cement. [now Sean is watching an episode of Game of Thrones; which makes for oddly heard conversations and well, were those whipping sounds? Will they not kill Joffrey already?!]

I am reading:
texts for my final paper in Dance: Gender and Culture. I hope to be reading a lot more and soon. Sean is into the 3rd Mistborn book by Brandon Sanderson. N just finished the second Mistborn book yesterday (start to finish).

I am thinking… 
that I have missed being here. I have tried to keep up, at least, with my Reader and blogs and a bit on the facebook page. When I am not doing schoolwork, I am tired, and listen to music or nap or anything but read. I’m ready for my break before summer session in June.

Favorite things of the week:
It was bike to school/work week and N’s school had the most riders last year, so this year there was something special daily, to include a t-shirt, drawings, and breakfast. It was nice all week for riding, and good for me to get out. Sean and N went for a few long rides this week-end, I love hearing N chattering at Sean. While we are glad we no longer live in ABQ for moth season, there have been quite a few here of late–which Eleanor (the dog) has been chasing like mad. We received a letter in the mail telling us a formal invitation will be arriving for N. One of her teachers nominated her a spot at the “People to People World Leadership Forum in Washington DC 2013.” We have been so blessed by such encouraging teachers who see N’s potential and find ways to help her shine.

Around the House:
N is getting ready for her end of year Orchestra concert and Choir performances; looking forward to them. Sean just brewed a batch of German Pilsner today and yesterday bottled a Wee Heavy. Summer plans are coming together and end of year school work is getting done.

Things I hope to accomplish…
I’ve one more final exam and a final paper to turn in–that is my week through Thursday. Some reviews and actual reading is in the offing!!

Music this week:
Jack White has a new album out Blunderbuss. ooh, but this is a fun one! below is “Love Interruption” featuring Ruby Amanfu) and “Sixteen Saltines” which has a very weird video but the song sticks in the brain.

Screen Talk:
went and saw The Avengers yesterday! Whedon comes to the rescue. His sense of humor and characterization make for a marvelous time of it! Review to come. along with all the other reviews of thing seen but not read… Getting ready for season finales in Bones and Castle and what-not, and N has us addicted to The Voice, where we’ve been watching back issues of Season 2’s blind auditions and song-battles. [Just finished Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011), and cried–often.]

{Sandra Bullock as Linda Schell}

Links: Had you a chance to read Werner Herzog’s letter to his cleaning lady? If you haven’t, check it out.

Love Steph Su’s review of Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind, wherein she writes: “Recommended for anyone and everyone anywhere—except for maybe that hipster classmate of yours with the I-just-got-out-of-bed-no-really-I-just-did messy hair and black Free Trade coffee perpetually in hand who refuses to read anything that hasn’t won the Nobel, Pulitzer, or Man Booker Prize. But who wants to be reading buddies with them anyway?”

In case you missed this one as well: “30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know” originally published in Glamour magazine in 1997 by Pamela Redmond Satran.

 Laura Lacámara wrote an article for “Mommy Maestra” which I found via Doret at “Happy Nappy Bookseller” called “Will Latino Stories Sell?” She writes, “The fact is that nearly 40% of U.S. children come from diverse backgrounds. How can we deny a considerable slice of our population the validating experience of seeing themselves in the pages of their books?” She wants to see a change, and frankly, so do I.

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  1. Wow. I don’t know who Werner Herzog is, but that letter was perfect. I love the line about Dido. And so was the NotW review. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, when S & N finish the final Mistborn book I’d love to know their reactions. I’m following Carl’s Group Read right now and enjoying reading everyone’s thoughts & opinions of what’s going on.

    1. L says:

      I will let Sean & N know. They were discussing book 2 over lunch yesterday. There is a mad love for Brandon Sanderson in our house. I will pin them down for a conversation following book 3.

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