{sunday} 15 April 2012


{Kite Boy by Stasia Burrington (one of my favorite artists. and this image makes me think of Sean)}

Outside my window. it is calm, finally. the random fly-away of rain and the wind; the sun and sporadic creeping of clouds to darken the room. but now it is dark and quiet and crisp.

I am listening to: Sean and N talking about the new-to-her artists she found on her Regina Spektor Station on Pandora today. “How was your day?” she asks into the pause. […] Now they are talking about N’s screenplay writing today, and her goal of writing 100 poems this year. She has 3 to go. […] An episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart from last week.

I am/We are reading: … I have a shelf full of books from the Library. Of course they would come off Hold during end of term project time. Good news is I am done reading works by and about Emile Durkheim…you’d think I’d have learned by now not to procrastinate a paper like that! Sean read Mistborn (book1) by Brandon Sanderson. N has had a stellar week with Page by Paige a comic by Laura Lee Gulledge, the whole His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman which found her crying more than a few times, but sobbing over Will and Lyra’s fate at the end. Tomorrow I will post her review of Frances Hardinge’s Well Witched.

I am thinking: I can’t believe I got that paper done. I’m not sure how it turned out, but wow! APA formatting stresses me out! I am not used to it, so trying to decipher OWL Purdue, and be consistent and crossing-fingers, half my time is spent in citation and format. Now to see about those other end of term papers (in MLA–yay!). But worry about that is for tomorrow, because it is good to have a break (even if it is a few hours). also: Happy Birthday Emile Durkheim!

{N and I at the table this afternoon}

Favorite things of the week: It has been a nice evening. we ordered pizza in from a new favorite pizzeria, watched We Bought a Zoo (2011)–a sweet little movie. It has been a nice weekend actually. Sean brewed a new beer, opened his krupnikas that he made (and it is even better than the last batch), he made crepes this morning. N and her script-writing and reading and sweet company. And they were both marvelous about encouraging me and giving me the space to start and finish my sociology paper. I am a lucky one. Picked up the books for World Book Night!!

Around the House: Sean has been busy with work. N has been singing Sound of Music numbers around the house (the choir is singing a medley). Did I mention I have end of term projects? sociological theorist–check. salem witch trial virtual museum is next. And I have no idea what the Dance class final essay will be on, but I can say the last group of videos were the most interesting yet.

Music this week: listening to my The Shins station on Pandora came across a few songs I hadn’t heard in a while, and a few new. And even still: this song by Fun is still in my head! ahhh! “We Are Young”

which leads us to: Janelle Monáe (whom I have a growing adoration) “Tightrope.” Love the choreography!

Screen Talk: mentioned We Bought a Zoo (2011), which is a cute family movie. the usual Bones, Finder, and all the shows Sean watches… and news that Maggie Smith will be leaving Downton Abbey! Reviews coming on The Secret World of Arietty, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), and we watched Mirror Mask (2005) the other day.

Links: my friend Sharie alerted me to this site: A Mighty Girl, “The world’s largest collection of books and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.” They are just starting out, so it may not be the largest collection yet, but I dunno, it could be.

Did you see this The Daily Beast article (Apr 09) written by Ashley Judd: “Ashley Judd Slaps Media in the Face for Speculation Over Her ‘Puffy’ Appearance“…just when we thought we couldn’t love her more, she shows us just how attractive an articulate person can be!

Part 1 and 2 of a pair of posts by C Jane titled “Life Story: The Early History of My Body.”

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