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{comic} explorer: the mystery boxes

I adore both the Flight and Explorer (for the youth) anthologies, and not because I also adore Kazu Kibuishi. These are great venues to read wonderful stories and find new Artists to pursue. Explorer: The Mystery Boxes is a collection of comics centered around a story object–a mystery box. Each of the 7 stories “represent a unique take on the idea of a “mystery box”” (publisher).

a quick note: you know I love image heavy reviews of comics, but do check out the links (click author name) to get an idea of their work. thanks!

“Under the Floorboards” by Emily Carroll

that creepy wax doll in the box may seem like a good idea at the time, but well…

  “Spring Cleaning” by Dave RomanRaina Telgemeier

why messy closets and hoarding might not be the worst thing when there are greedy wizards on the loose.

 “The Keeper’s Treasure” by Jason Caffoe

ah, the things cartographers and treasure hunters miss.

The Butter Thief” by Rad Sechrist

some house spirits can be a bit fractious when they don’t get their butter.

“The Soldier’s Daughter” by Stuart Livingston (w/ Stephanie Ramirez)

lessons captured in boxes that the most impetuous of us need to learn.

“Whatzit” by  Johane Matte (w/ Saymone Phanekham)

when nepotism, unmarked boxes, and office pranks go awry.

“The Escape Option” by Kazu Kibuishi

a brave young man makes a tough choice, but the right one.

The stylistic approaches to story differ, but there is a consistency in the color and production quality. Of course, I favored some pieces over some of the others, but there will be at least one story for everyone in the family. Sharing the read may lead to a fun activity of writing and/or illustrating one’s own mystery box story.


Explorer: The Mystery Boxes edited by Kazu Kibuishi

Amulet Books (Abrams), 2012

hardcover (library binding), 128 pages (to include a page about the contributors).

3 thoughts on “{comic} explorer: the mystery boxes

  1. I have the first several Flight anthologies and love them all. I quit getting them when we started our “getting out of credit card debt” run. I should go and order the ones I don’t have and Explorer from the library. I know they usually have them and each and every time I discover artists and storytellers that light a spark. Like short story anthologies, these comic anthologies really are a perfect venue for discovery.

  2. This sounds very interesting. I am going to see if my library has a copy. I like your thought that reading the book aloud …with the family … May lead to an activity of writing or illustrating

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