{special} bloggiesta: a To-Do List


To Do:

>> Review blog themes. I do this relatively often, actually, and I just this week switched back to this one for the sake of sidebars. Not sure I’m happy with it. I’m thinking more color again…

>>Clean up the sidebar.  Should I add a Blog-roll? Make the Challenge Images smaller?

>>Catch-up on a few Reviews. I’ve sneaked in a few books and films between course-work, I want to get those done.

>>Organize my weeks.  Because my content can feel random or weirdly balanced, and I liked it when I had gotten into the rhythm of film reviews on Tuesday, Comics on Thursday, etc.  Add another color-band to my google-calendar? Update my list of types of posts I can and like to use; maybe put tic so I know I have or have not done an Illustrator or Costume Designer in a while. (I get a lot of traffic on my Costume Designer posts).

>>Clean up my Evernote folders. I discovered Evernote fairly recently and love storing articles and book reviews under various labels. (It’s as easy as pinning for Pinterest.) I have one for links I want to share on the new FaceBook page, another marked “Another for the TBR.” I can go back and link the reviews once I read and review the book–in theory, anyway.

>>Pinterest. I tend to use my boards to hoard other interests and have fairly neglected its Book-Blog uses. Still debating it…What boards would I keep?

>>Google Reader. I know people who organize theirs by label. You do not want to see mine. Time to sift through, especially as I hope to find blogs I’ll want to subscribe to this weekend.

>>Twitter. Been too lazy to do more than I have with it when I slap-dashed it up; do I like my “bio”-line-majig?!

>>Pages. Make sure my book and film lists are up-to-date, and “Concenter” needs some loving. “About Me” needs attention as well.

>>Who reads this?  I write/ramble here with some self-interest, but I actually like engaging with people over books and film and other random topics. I do keep some people’s interest in mind when I write about a book or film, especially in the “recommend” portion of the post. There are ways to figure this out and I need to list them. One has to do with the stats and the search engine terms; ‘cept I usually don’t like to look at my stats.

>>Check out the “mini-challenges” and visit more book bloggers: for advice and inspiration.

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  1. ibeeeg says:

    Fantastic list.

    I would like to utilize my evernote account better. Could you tell me a few names of your “notebooks” specific to blogging/books, and any other you’d like to share? My account sort of fell to the wayside because I tend to use Google for so much. Google is where I write my draft blog posts, and other life documents and spreadsheets.

    I have my google reader divided into folders of sort. But even at that, it got wild. I had to weed out blogs that I visit hardly, and tried to keep only those that I visit regularly or on a more frequent basis. Those blogs that I took out of my reader were saved into my online bookmark – Delicious and Diigo are two online sites I use.

    Good luck on working your way through your list, very ambitious. Mostly though, have fun!

    1. L says:

      For Evernote: “another for the TBR” “FB” for Facebook “Omph” I have gotten lazy with the tags which is a great organizing tool so I can mark genres or age ranges, that sort of thing. there is a way to share folders between people on Evernote. Sean and I are trying to figure it out… same w/ Pinterest boards, too. I like being able to “clip the articles” of reviews so I have them right there with the TBR, so in that way, I like it better than Goodreads “to-be-read” option.

      which is another reminder, my Goodreads is a bit messy…

      How do you organize your Reader folders? I want to sub-divide my book blogs. I thought to have a “trial-run” folder, but I like your idea to use bookmarks in tandem with the Reader.


  2. I love how organized your list is. I never hear of Evernote. I will check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

    Good Luck on your list!

    1. L says:

      thanks. I went with Evernote because it is fairly intuitive and thus effortless for me, but then I may not be using it to its full potential.

  3. alexia561 says:

    Great list! I’m getting so many good ideas just reading everyone’s list of goals! Haven’t heard of Evernote before, so will make a note to check it out once I have more time. And I haven’t really figured out Pinterest yet, so think I will do the Pinterest mini-challenge.

    I have my Google reader divided into folders too, but they’re getting too large again and I need to weed out the ones I no longer read. Right now, I have several folders listing where I discovered the blog, such as Bloggiesta, blog hops, and BEA. Also have a folder for new blogs, to remind me to comment more often. Still a work in process for me.

    Good luck with all of your goals!

    1. L says:

      you’re right, the lists alone are gold!

      look me up on Pinterest if you do figure it out: http://pinterest.com/leslied/

      I like how you are specific w/ your labels in Reader, I was reluctant, but I can see the wisdom in it, so I took that and ran with it last night. 🙂 thanks!

  4. Excellent list! Wow, organize your blog reader, that seems like such a tedious task, I’m content to continue not working on that one. 😉 Keep up the good work!

  5. Jenn says:

    Wow, what an awesome, organized list! You go girl! I’m impressed by your goal to organize your google reader. Seems like tedious work to me that I’m content to continue to procrastinate on. 😉

  6. You’ve given me an idea for next Bloggiesta… an Evernote challenge. I need to learn how to use it, I have no idea! Anyway, I hope you are having fun and getting tons done. I love this blog look! Really a lot!

    1. L says:

      I am having fun and accomplished more than I thought I would today. Thanks for being such a brilliant host! by the next bloggiesta, I will have Evernote organizing back on the to-do list no doubt.

  7. elenayip says:

    I need to catch up on my reviews too! Also still iffy on Google Reader, I’m determine to learn though. 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your lest.

    1. L says:

      thanks! and good luck with yours as well.

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