Is there any book blogger who reads this blog that does not know Suey and her book blog “It’s All About Books”? I wasn’t sure there were, but today I was thinking I should share anyway…

“It’s All About Books” is hosting the Bloggiesta this year. It is a weekend (Friday-Sunday) dedicated to working on your book blog in the company of other bloggers.  There are many a helpful blogger who has signed up to host topics that are relevant to making your blog a happier and/or better place. Have questions? Need ideas? Yeah, that is what this weekend is for.

Here is a link to a list of “mini-challenges”–topics to explore and challenge the blogger to implement them, or at the very least consider what each experienced blogger has to say.

Here is today’s news, like where to meet up on Twitter and why you should post a To-Do List for your blog!

So there were two links to find Suey/”It’s All About Books”–for Twitter peeps @bloggiesta and/or #bloggiesta.

If you’ve a weekend like mine  planned: drop by the topics that interest you and carve out some time to “spring clean” and (re)organize.

I’m still working on my To-Do List. Already on it? “do something about keeping track of your time,” “form better (non-procrastinatory) habits,” and “maybe figure out who reads your blog.”

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