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As you may have guessed, I just put up a Facebook page for omphaloskepsis last night.. I had been thinking about it, but as N’s plane kept getting delayed (and finally rescheduled) I just went and did it. So come and ‘like’ me if you want. I know not a lot of you are crazy about Fb; even I tried to slip away into places like G+, but some of the people I look forward to seeing every day didn’t/wouldn’t make the switch. Some of these friends are Twitter, but few, and as irregularly as I am. So Fb will be just one more place to find me, a different atmosphere to engage.

I plan to link blog posts, quotes, etc. Message me your favorite books, authors, and/or genres so I can keep an eye out for things that I know would be relevant to you–I will not share or sell your information–Also, keep me updated on what you are reading or watching!–me, last evening.

Like I said, Fb another place to engage that will be more tightly connected to the blog. (I am much more random on Twitter.) I really am interested in knowing what you (my blog-readers) are reading (and watching) and what bookish-links or bookish-quotes interest you. This forum depends less on the type of posts I am hosting here, which is another plus for those of you who dislike randomness in the comment section.

Of note: If you ‘like‘ the page, I will not only do my best to protect your information, I will also not try to invade your space. If you want to ‘like‘ the page on Fb, but not participate (although I wish you would), I can and will be courteous.

The page is kinda naked, still figuring it out a bit, but it is SpringBreak for me, so this could be dangerous. the page: www.facebook.com/omphaloskepsisbookblog

Anything else?

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I read, and I write. and until recently, I sold books.

2 thoughts on “{social media} like

  1. Consider you ‘liked’. I really do like your blog, but I hardly ever pay attention to Facebook, so don’t take offence if that is as far as I go. 🙂

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