{sunday} 18 Mar 2012


Outside my window…it is windier and windier, but getting greener and greener as well. been enjoying the return of birdsong and squirrel chatter.

I am listening to: Sean vacuuming out the back of the car, where the dog has shed; she (Eleanor Swift) likes to go out with us when we allow it; but N likes to sit in a fur-free seat once and a while. It is quiet otherwise, the wind creating its racket, the occasional car…

I am reading: classwork materials. I had to return Beauty Queens by Libba Bray unfinished, found it amusing at first, then became distracted. Sean finished the second book of Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy, expect he’ll be onto three this week. And last I spoke to N, she had discovered Michael Scott’s The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series.

I am thinking: I love the warmer weather of late. It is Spring Break for me this week: what shall I read? And how much schoolwork needs done (anticipating end of term projects/papers). And Hunger Games at the end of the week! But most of all N will be home in a matter of hours now!!

Favorite things of the week: helping Sean bottle the beer he home-brewed in earlier weeks. just hanging out with him while N was away was nice. We went to a movie, biked to dinner, tried a few new restaurants…

Around the House: N has been away for her mandatory visit with the — bio-paternal; which has become easier as she has gotten older, but still… Both her and Sean’s allergies have kicked in. Midterms were fairly gentle, so that was good. We used to follow a Mediterranean diet (as in way of eating) and have since gotten away from it; we hope to transition back in–this week and following. Sean brewed an Amber so we hope that turns out. N has state tests this week…always lovely.

Things I hope to accomplish… zine-project-stuff, some reading, schoolwork, and play (Hunger Games w/ N). I have some film reviews and that story-project I’ve been threatening to put up (Sean gave me one sketch to get started).

Music this week: With more the quiet I’ve listened to less. I expect more Regina Spektor when N is home because she has just discovered her with a vengeance. N is, fortunately, balancing her pop music with very talented female singer/songwriters. Via Terri Windling’s blog, I found Sarah Jarosz. In turn, I have been listening to her follow me down album. Here is Sarah with Alison Krauss singing “Run Away”:

Screen Talk: Caught up to the finale of SyFy’s Face Off.  Been trying out NBC’s new show Awake (via Hulu). Alot of Colbert Report and Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. Saw Werner Herzog’s documentary Cave of Dreams , Woman in Black (2012), reviews to come.


–One of my (new) favorite Graphic Novelists Faith Erin Hicks shares a personal reflection in response to Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games on Tor.com. It’s worth checking out. (if the comic image is hard to see, click on it/open it in a new tab).

—Looking for a way out of the filter bubble? check this out.

–Beards may make you look more intimidating, but not necessarily more appealing–at least according to Barnaby J. Dixson & Paul L. Vasey in “Beards augment perceptions of men’s age, social status, and aggressiveness, but not attractiveness.” what about the plaid-beer-and-beard movement?

–author Jo Walton contemplates “Heroes Who Fail” via Tor.com–a very interesting article sparked by Pat Rothfuss’ own call for recommended readings where the Hero fails.

–Powell’s Books is offering a limited time 30% off 15 Short Story books. I just purchased Karen Russell’s (for my upcoming birthday in April); Aimee Bender’s and Murakami’s and Orringer’s looked good, too (hint, hint).


{image: “Water Dragon” by Amy Sol; “bottling” by Sean}

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Kailana says:

    I listened to that song. I have never heard of Sarah Jarosz before. It was pretty good. I will have to listen more later. We are technically watching Battlestar Galactica and I was just taking advantage of the guy taking a bathroom break. 🙂

  2. poegeek says:

    Hmmm…I don’t think I necessarily look aggressive. But either way I plan on rocking the beard (van dyke) for the rest of my days. I’ve tried both ways and like the facial hair much better, even though it now makes me probably look older than I am because of all the gray in it. LOL!

  3. L says:

    i thought the article was amusing… my dad had this crazy zz top look for the longest time that looked kinda intimidating, but the twinkly blue eyes kind of off-set it. this, of course, during my adolescence. for me, culturally, facial hair is an attractive thing.

    1. Carl V. says:

      I was a little odd, wasn’t it? Speaking of crazy ZZ top beards, I was watching the Ken Burns special on national parks last year and one of the guys interviewed had a wild beard like that…oddly enough I kept looking at it enviously. Not sure what that was about as I tend to keep mine trimmed close as it gets annoying once it gets a little wild.

      1. L says:

        my dad never grew his as long, but he held a striking resemblance. His beard would curl and then become scraggily; but I don’t remember it close-kempt. then he would shave it and look especially odd. I have never seen him without a mustache–I think it would be traumatic to see him that way.

        1. Carl V. says:

          I had never seen my dad without a beard until one day when I was about 17 or 18 he got a wild hair, pardon the pun, and shaved it off. He looked so weird. We all, including mom, begged him to grow it back immediately, which he did. I’ve never seen him without one since.

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