Did I read or “review” anything in February? this was my thought last night, between trying to decipher the political and economic motivations of America 1800-1844 and testing out dynamic opening and concluding paragraphs for an essay on choreographer Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and collective history/memory.

I certainly felt a disconnect with “Stainless Steel Droppings” Science Fiction Experience this year. And my reading outside of school feels bipolar; either the read is exceptional or disappointing. All this as January’s struggle for organization and reading slump continued to seep through February. Not March though. Please not March.

I did read some, and watched some. I watched a lot more than I read. This is true of the Sci-Fi for me. I usually watch more than I read, and I like to use the “non-challenge” to challenge myself to read more. Nevertheless, the family likes to Experience together via films, which is great. This year I left this to Sean who perused our considerable catalog. And I warned him I’m going to hit him up for a rundown of the Sci-Fi [Film] Experience. So, soon.

As it is, this year’s Sci-Fi Experience looked like this:

Books: “reviewed” Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet Series (1-4) which is Sci-Fi and Fantasy; Old Man’s War by John Scalzi; and Pluto (vol 1-7) by Urasawa xTezuka.

Films: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) was new-to-me, as was the ~15 minutes of Never Let Me Go (2010) I saw last night. Otherwise: we introduced N to (w/ censorship)  The Matrix Trilogy, Aeon Flux (2005), 12 Monkeys (1995), Gattaca (1997), and I, Robot (2004). A pretty good cross-section. Sean and N watched most of Never Let Me Go together last night–holy crap! Is that the feel bad movie of 2010 or what?! Good thing we all slept like the dead.

Do check out the Review Site. I at least was able to browse often enough to add to my TBR pile and catch others’ thoughts on the few sci-fi I have read.


of note: there is a Friends of the Library Book Sale this weekend. So, friends, if there is an author/title/edition you’d have me keep an eye out for, let me know in the comments.


{image: Ross Brown via visboo.com}

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  1. Ibeeeg says:

    I can testify that you indeed review here during February. I, on the other hand did very little in this area, and my commenting on blogs – like yours – really was horridly almost non existent.

    I think, lower number of posts is just fine because your content is always quality.

    It is great how the family watches movies together. One day I will be able to same for mine. As of now, if you count Nick Jr and a few Disney then we are definitely watching together. Actually, this is bad for me because I realized that many “adult” shows and movies make me antsy with impatience – my attention level is about 30 minutes.

    I hope you have a great March. I am certain you will read a gem or two.

    1. L says:

      thanks–for the compliment and the well-wishing.

      as for film watching it has to suck me in these days or I’m thinking about other things I could be doing. really, we’ve each been so busy lately that even coordinating just the 3 of us is a challenge.

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