tumblr, morgues, & 3 beautiful things


I opened a tumblr account. thought I would try it. play a bit.

they’ve fun themes; a clean, straightforward approach; and I am encouraged to employ brevity.

I thought it a great place to post on other and sometimes random interests. Pinterest to build a morgue (as creative people have want). tumblr for “pins” of another sort.


I’m using tumblr, primarily, for the resurrection of “3 Beautiful Things.” Inspired by someone inspired by this site, on my other (earlier) blog I tried to keep daily record/notice of at least 3 beautiful things. I would then share it and encourage others to share theirs.

It was good for me. It helped me shift focus. It kept me alert to possibility.

It was fun.

Today’s 3bt (which is yesterday’s recording) was about the daughter and books. I loosely titled today’s “book orders.” Check it out.

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  1. Ibeeeg says:

    3 Beautiful Things sounds like a great idea. Maybe I will join in. actually this seems very similar to the idea of keeping track of three gifts of the day…three things to be grateful for. I am trying to keep track in a notebook (iPad)…going slowly.

  2. L says:

    3 gifts a day, with the focus on gratitude sounds wonderful.

    …we’ll see how I do with turning this back into a habit.

  3. Suey says:

    Awesome idea! I’m still on the fence regarding Tumblr. Not sure what I’d put there that I don’t put other places, but maybe I’ll find a theme like you’ve done and go for it.

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