{life} 3 updates & something random

1–Thank you those of you who have been keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers. Sean went today to sign paperwork, get introduced around, and will begin Monday morning at his new job. We will not have move (immediately if at all) and Sean will return to doing Architecture, rather than remain the Revit Specialist (a building information modeling authoring tool). While he is very much skilled in the software, supporting it, creating useful tools, and training on it, Hooray! back to Arch side of things.  So thank you for your encouragement during this relatively brief stint of unemployment.

2–My Fin Aid covered tuition. Waiting on a check to cover books. But I am back in School! Wow, never wait last minute, or switch degrees (however necessary). Anyway, I figured I should tell you because you will likely be hearing about it. Also, I may be posting less. We’ll see. I may just be that much more interesting.

So I am doing the Distance Learning at Texas Woman’s Univ. I have to take a General Studies Program, because they do not do English in undergrad. bleh. But I do get to take English as a “concentration” as well as Sociology or Women’s Studies (or both, which it looks like). Here is what I am taking this Semester,* the classes I could get into because I shouldn’t have been so last minute.

Too, to be less last minute: taking recommendations for Grad Schools in Library/Information Sciences.

*U.S. History 1492-1865 (I have to take History x2, Government x2, and a Math course–yikes!); Sociology: Principles of Sociology, I’m rusty if not completely inept with APA. I only had to use it once before; Women’s Studies: Gender and Social Change, people are just more interesting in these courses. I look forward to learning from them, even more than the textbook. Women’s Studies: Dance, Gender, & Culture, marvelous, huh?

3–Suey at “It’s All About Books” inadvertently reminded me that I have been disconnected of late.  The YA Author/Blogger/Goodreads brouhaha: a familiar conflict. You can catch up here via this very helpful blog post by Michelle Witte, who also encourages all those interested and involved to try to actually engage in more constructive dialog. She links Maggie Steifvater’s response wherein Steifvater notes The Guardian writer Julie Bertagna was a bit more excited than necessary in this article.

This is fairly suck timing because I have two books in the wings that did not fare well for me. One is a beloved YA and the other is Juvenile but written by a known YA author. Now I feel the need to construct a current disclaimer; even if I do try to articulate why the less-than-glowing response.

I am going to do the posts, I had already done my internal debates on whether I would or not. I believe my integrity demands it. Frankly, I do not trust someone who only writes raving reviews and/or skirts obvious issues. The chances of an avid reader having a great experience with every book is highly improbable if not all-out impossible. I also agree with authors in that really harsh commentary should be supported by evidence or be well-articulated in their reasoning, unless (and maybe even if) the word “opinion” in some form is clearly delineated. “Opinion” cannot be assumed on Goodreads, or similar venues; and honestly, it pulls everyone who is trying to be helpful or constructive down. Save the cute for elsewhere, or take the criticism spat back at you with a shut mouth and a wide-open gaze.

4–Sean came across this video by Abandoned Pools for their song “Mercy Kiss”. Watch for Sweets, I mean John Francis Daley, whenever he is on-screen. He is brilliant.


[images: update icon from Icon Finder; spilled ink via GettyImages (?) tineye failed me there; avatar thanks to too much fun on Scott Pilgrim’s film site]

3 thoughts on “{life} 3 updates & something random

  1. Hurray! Great to hear that job and school are on track. 🙂 I look forward to hearing a bit more about your classes – some of them sound very interesting.

  2. 1. That’s fantastic!
    2. Also fantastic. Good luck.
    3. Uh, what? Maybe since I don’t read much YA I’m uninformed. That said, I’m with you. My integrity compels me to write reviews, whether I enjoyed the book or not. That said, I try to my utmost to be respectful and tactful. I take Goodreads and Amazon ratings/reviews with a grain of salt. Rapport needs to be established between me and another blogger/reviewer before I give too much weight to their whims.
    4. Never heard of ’em. Fun video, though. Daley seems the same as from Freaks & Geeks.

  3. I look forward to those reviews now for sure! I’m thinking the whole controversy has died done a bit the past few days, I haven’t seen as much flying around Twitter.

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