{sunday} 01.15.12

written Saturday, 14th.
Outside my window: it’s dark, the street is quiet.I am listening to: the quiet. after our dinner guests have gone, the absence of that sound make the silence even quieter. and Sean is typing now, job hunt related. and now a girl comes from next door, his girlfriend, she is sobbing–it is awful, like heart-break sobs–she can’t ride her bike yet, so she is just standing there. and then she slams back in his door, retrieves something quickly, slams back out, and is gone.

I am reading: Old Man’s War by John Scalzi. original and humorous.

I am thinking: Dinner was good. It was fun having people over, two of whom were laid-off w/ Sean. It was a rough and strange week for everyone, so there was commiserating, war stories from their Arch Studio days, and hopes for the future. also, Nate was a butterfly and breathless and can segue into anything.

Favorite things of the week: Dinner tonight. And Fin Aid finally coming through w/ reassurances. Rambled at my mom on the phone today for ever. Mostly it was a crap week.

(eleanor swift with her gutted snake toy.)
Around the House: Paperwork, job hunts, dental appointments, new choir music, a broken violin string, mad writing (by the daughter), cold weather, an amusing dog, a music trivia quiz for the zine.Things I hope to accomplish… figuring out classes and books and finding a rhythm there. and some reading. also, a few reviews to wrap-up. zine stuff.

Music this week: Belly, their album Star. one of my favorite lines ever, “I had bad dreams, so bad I threw my pillow away.” (from “Angel”).  I don’t know, I just love it. was going to attach a video, but the only one of “Angel” I could find was live and not-so-good.

(“Face/Off” 2011 season. from the challenge: horror flick story concept/character.)
Screen Talk: We’d seen commercials for a contest called “Face/Off” on SyFy. We watched most of last season’s, as they were running them to get ready for this season. Fantastic!! Special Effects artists, create creatures/have intense challenges: from concept to molds to application to make-up…  Also, “Downton Abbey,” Episode 1, Season 2… so lovely. And wow, the first episode of this 2nd season of “Sherlock”?! 

–“A Conceit of Architects,” from Coffee w/ an Architect. “What do we call a gathering of Architects”?
–“If Bathroom Fittings could Write…?” from Book Riot. “Ever wondered what your shower would say to you? Dave Eggers has. “
–“What does a conductor do?” by Chappel via Etsy: Noted. “as a kid, Bugs provided my only insight into the job of an orchestra conductor. While the profession does not actually involve falling anvils and ridiculous sight gags, writer Justin Davis undertook the job for a few weeks, revealing its overlooked challenges.”
–“Famous Album Covers w/ Dead Band Members Photoshopped Out” from Jean-Marie Delbes and Hatim El Hihi’s Tumblr via Gizmodo. “The results are oh-so-perfect and weird. Eternity was never so ephemeral.”
thought I would try this lovely meme I’ve borrowed from “Polishing Mud Balls” and “It’s All About Books.”

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3 thoughts on “{sunday} 01.15.12

  1. Ah yes! So glad you are doing this! I love it! 🙂

    But so sorry about your crap week. Here’s hoping this next week things look a little bit better. But the dinner sounded fun. Seriously, we should do that more often around here.. like.. maybe even ever… since I can’t think of one time where we have done it! How sad is that.

    Ah dentist appointments. We lost our dentist (he moved) and I haven’t found a replacement. We are going on a year now, and I’m starting to feel very very delinquent. I hate dentists though, so it’s something I can so easily avoid.

  2. Lovely meme indeed. Glad you enjoyed the ending to your week at least. Your dog looks so cute (from what I can see of her!)

  3. Goodness. The sounds of heartbreak were tough to read, that of a stranger from a stranger.

    Can’t wait to read your review of Old Man’s War.

    Hope this week’s better for you all. Still praying, too…

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