Slipped into a new theme to see how it would fit. I kinda liked it. So I’ve brought it home. And here we are.

If you’re on a Reader/Feed, please take a moment to click over for a look. Allan Cole’s ‘Auto Focus’ theme was suggested for photograph or design bloggers who are image heavy over text. I know I will have to mind my images a bit more, as well as my opening lines, which I’ve been needing to do for a while anyway. So what do you think?

The good ol’ sidebar shows up when you look at the “pages” listed so neatly above, but I created “sidebar content” for those whims to look at what I am reading this month, films viewed, twitter feeds, and challenges; not to mention search and archives.

Before the end of 2011, I was kicking around trying on a few new things: serializing a drafted story, and/or doing a weekly journal entry type meme ala “Polishing Mud Balls” and “It’s All About Books” meditative prompts. I think I shall. See how it goes. See how it all fits.


{photograph by Jacqueline Hassink from his series: Haute Couture Fitting Rooms, Paris: Chanel via “The Excellent People”}

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  1. Carl V. says:

    Nice! Funny, I came “that” close to mentioning yesterday how much I liked your theme. Glad I didn’t since you went and changed it today! Ha!

    As always I look forward to the musings that poor out of that creative mind.

  2. L says:

    well, I liked the previous one, too. the shopping was a “hmm, curious if they’ve new themes to browse.” an impulse buy. curious how it will work out. the photos shift focus and size as they are pushed down the main page, so some days it looks better than others. all this white feels a little shocking, too.

  3. cyclebabble says:

    as mentioned last night, i really like this new theme. the way it changes day to day is fun. feels more living than the ones in the past.

    but then i am a fan of feedback and response over pure style.

  4. Looks nice. Makes sense with how it flows, too. And the white…! Wow. Stark. Crisp. I like it.

  5. tuulenhaiven says:

    I too am a fan. I’ll have to pop by every now and then to view it outside the WordPress mobile site (my iPhone is glued to my hand these days, grr). I like the way the photos pile up!

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