{film} & {television} 2011


“New-to-Me” on screen in 2011 (which incl. numbers from below):

65 films (32% foreign; 13% animated); 24 television (58% foreign, 3 were animated).

We were able to catch up on 13 2010-films, e.g. David Fincher’s The Social Network and Coen Brothers’ True Grit and Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech of note.

The South Korean film: The Man from Nowhere (2010) was easily the best film I saw this year, with its countryman Oldboy (2003) right there with it. So they take best foreign, too, with The King’s Speech (2010) as an honorable mention.

Sean would add Mr. Nobody (2009) to the “best of” films.

The worst? coming up; though I should add Anthony Byrne’s Short Order (2005) was unmentionable as well.

of television: BBC has been so good to us, and Masterpiece (PBS), ala new and old seasons of Doctor Who, Luther, Sherlock Holmes, Zen, and Downton Abbey. And yet: we’ve Justified (FX) and Sean caught up on Mad Men (AMC). as for a new to us Japanime finds? Darker than Black (2007) and Samurai Champloo (2004)

2011 on screen: 24 films; 9 television.

of the 2011 films: The family favorite and the best of the summer was Super 8 and Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hallows, part 2. Also memorable experiences: 50/50 and Sherlock Holmes 2: Game of Shadows for sheer enjoyment. For the most part 2011 was not what 2010 proved to be. Looking forward to 2012.

The worst? Gnomeo and Juliet –hands down awful, and Season of the Witch was pretty bad–I still don’t know why we watched that one. For a while there I didn’t think anything could beat out the extended trailer for The Avengers that was Thor.

of television: Once Upon a Time (ABC) has been a great family find, right behind The Next Iron Chef America and Sweet Genius on the Food Network/Cooking Channel respectively. New Girl is a favorite new show this season, as is The Walking Dead (for Sean anyway) from the Spring.

Natalya’s “Top 6” from 2011 (in random order): Billy Elliot (2000): Fame (2009); Super 8 (2011), Eden of the East (2009, the series); Harry Potter 7: The Deathly Hallows, part 2 (2011); City of Lost Children (1995)

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  1. Carl V. says:

    City of Lost Children! Yes, Natalya has rockin’ good taste. Of course the ‘rents are bad either.

    I’ve watched the first few episodes of Samuri Champloo (bought the dvd to try it out) and need to go and watch more. I liked it.

    I actually thought Thor was just fine. I waited for it on DVD though and just borrowed a friend’s copy, so free always helps with the enjoyment factor. It wasn’t great, but I thought it was good. Liked it a lot better than the X-Men film which I felt was just a rehash of the first film with everyone younger. I’m really pretty darn tired of comic superhero movies though. Despite looking forward to the next Batman film and the Avengers film, if they didn’t make another DC or Marvel superhero movie for a decade I wouldn’t feel we’ve lost anything.

    We watched the first season of Raising Hope recently and liked it quite a lot. Right now we are watching the first, and only, season of The Good Guys. Such a fun show. I can see why it didn’t last, but it is entertaining.

    The majority of our viewing this year was BBC. Tons of Midsomer Murders, Zen, Poirot, Miss Marple, Mulberry (again), George Gently, Luther, various Jane Austen adaptations. All good stuff.

    1. L says:

      yes, “free” does add appeal. Natalya thought Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was pretty. I feel the same about the Superhero film glut. Batman, Avengers, yes.

      yes, BBC has been a brilliant source of television watching. and noting your list, I am short a few shows. 🙂 will remedy.

  2. tuulenhaiven says:

    Ugh, why (WHY?!) did we watch Season of the Witch? Hours I can never get back… *sigh* The Man From Nowhere will likely factor on my Best Of movie roundup when (if) I get around to writing it. I’m looking forward to another year of movie recommendations from you! Cheers. 🙂

    1. L says:

      i guess we need those haunted hours to keep us humble, right?–or to reaffirm our taste in good cinema.

      likewise on the film recs. It has been a common enough phrase this year, “so tuulenhaiven posted her Movie Mayhem…”

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