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in full disclosure: my ability to get my hands on the latest Faith Erin Hicks comic (advanced reader’s copy) was thanks to NetGalley and First Second. What follows is a free and honest review.

Being homeschooled and raised with three brothers had its problems, but Maggie’s life is about to get a lot more complicated as she faces her greatest trial yet – entering public school for the first time! ~Publisher’s Comments

Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks

First Second—February 2012

comic, Teen/Young Adult

I know you love all those angst-ridden young adult novels, but Faith Erin Hicks’ Friends with Boys is not so overly dramatic. Okay, there is angst. Maggie is entering High School after all. Add the fact she has been homeschooled up to this point, her only real friends have been her three older brothers, there is some mystery surrounding her new friends, her father got a new job that requires a significant change, mom left without explanation, and there is this ghost that is following her around. Whew! It works, though—marvelously so. Between heart-warming interactions, a quirky character or two, and Faith Erin Hicks fantastic sense of humor, Friends with Boys has an effervescent quality the Young Adult readership will find refreshing. They’ll even ask for more. I know I will be seeking out more works by Faith Erin Hicks in the coming year.

We talk about voice in literature, and perhaps less so with its graphically rendered relative. I am still struggling to articulate what I mean when I note that Faith Erin Hicks’ work has a strong voice. Hicks engages her audience from the very beginning. There is an anticipation. Her form is fluid and the pages turn and track easily without insulting craftsmanship. Maybe it is her gift of characterization and the familiarity of her landscapes that feels singularly hers. The artwork is among the most accessible kind, and harbors a vibrant energy. Faith Erin Hicks is a capable author and artist whom I would recommend to both Readers of comics or no, any gender, primarily of the Young Adult audience.

Keep an eye out for Friends with Boys in February! Meanwhile, the wonderful Faith Erin Hicks has Friends with Boys up on the book’s site. Check it out! –and enjoy that school musical.

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