Gifting has been on my mind of late…thus today’s post.

Our gifts come from all manner of people and places. I think most will agree that the most thoughtful and/or the homemade make for the best presents.

I received an early present yesterday that began with an apology for it taking so long. The timing was perfect actually, so thanks Logan! Logan applied his considerable talent to reading a short story I wrote 2 years ago where, in returning to it, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I didn’t know of Logan’s appreciation for T.S. Eliot or his familiarity with The Wasteland, which was on my mind when writing it and another few short stories–what a boon for me! Anyway, his letter was encouraging and his remarks on the document massively helpful. He took time out of his vacation, and I know he is a busy guy. And really, the story was no holiday heart-warmer and he had little warning (if any) of what he was getting into when he offered to read it.  It means a lot to me when someone is so giving of their time and ability. These are gifts we should not take for granted; and ones that should inspire our own sense of giving–holiday or no. I suppose this is where I should offer to read your dark, twisty, depressing, and roughly-drafted short story, dear reader…

It is hard when helping a cause that touches your heart requires a monetary donation and you’ve little to no financial margin. I am happy to find opportunities offered that tap into my skill-set and/or time.

Natalya and I thought about the dilemma of wanting to contribute in positive ways for the equally empty-pocketed last Fall. How might we offer the opportunity to give in a non-monetary way to support her Berlin School Exchange trip? The TalyaWren Zine Project was born. This year, the dilemma was on our minds even more. We could use Creative contributing to support a new (and better) cause. We were going to do another zine project anyway, let’s turn it into another “Thank You!” card for those who can donate the dollars and cents. We take both, by the way, submitted by ourselves and others. It is good to save and be deliberate in setting aside for our family, friends, and neighbors–a lesson I would like my daughter to learn and know. And it is good to give of ourselves, where we can, purposefully setting aside time and creative energy for our family, friends, and neighbors–a way of life I want my daughter to learn and know.

In a recent blog post on TalyaWren‘s wordpress site, we were encouraging children and adults to carve out some time during their Winter breaks to create something to submit to the zine project, and in essence to Door To Grace (an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking). We really wanted our contributors to know that their gifting means something. I already know the Readers of the zine as well as Door To Grace are going to understand what the gift means.

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  1. Carl V. says:

    It is a nice thing to be able to find some way to give of ourselves, even if we don’t have funds to donate. I’m very thankful that my parents raised me to be a giver and that the importance of having money in the budget to be generous. Love that you guys are raising your daughter to have a generous heart. The importance of that cannot be overstated.

    I wish you three the very merriest of Christmas days! I hope Santa left lots of goodies for all of you. Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Heh, no problem, L. My pleasure. I’m still pondering over the piece I’m thinking about submitting to the zine, trying to come up with a unified theme/focal point. I think the zine idea is brilliant. It’s great to be able to come up with ideas outside the box and to act on them.

    Best of luck with everything!

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