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The end of 2011 is upon us, and I’ve been thinking about 2012. I’ve every intention of being mad busy in ways unrelated to this blog, but neither do I want to lose the momentum I’ve been slowly building with “omphaloskepsis.” In the coming weeks, I will likely pitch a not so random idea here and there. Meanwhile, feel as random as you like in the comments or drop me an email (omphaloskepsis [at] stonhaus.com) with ideas of your own as to what you would like to see more of here–or less, if you can be kind.

>>One spinning idea has to do with overcoming  a few fears, particularly in respect to my writing. Yes, another book-blogger with aspirations and/or sordid history. If only I were as bold as most. Anywho, this launching myself off cliffs has already begun with the not necessarily friendly gesture of offering a short story for others’ commentary. As I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it, I thought someone else might have a clue–short of burning it.  As for another potentially threatening gesture, I was thinking of serializing a significantly less grim story here on the blog. I have a few pieces to choose from that I think could work for this sort of project; though any story I would put up would likely be drafted roughly enough to invite input. I’m thinking of formulating a few synopses and a poll and letting you all decide; and yes, there will be the voter option of “please, please, don’t do this.”


{image: Nicoletta Ceccoli‘s The Tower}

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  1. ibeeeg says:

    I hear you about being mad busy, and sigh…I do not do well being that busy. I wish you a fabulous week(s).

    I like your spinning idea. It will be interesting to me to see where you take that idea. I do like your writing, so, I imagine that I will like what you post…or at least see the potential that is there underneath seeing how you may be posting some drafts. I applaud you for even thinking of this spinning idea.

    1. L says:

      thanks–for your encouragement and confidence. 🙂

  2. It goes without saying, but I’m a proponent of posting original writings. It’s gutsy, I think, and sometimes painful, but it builds character and forces you to grow. Other than that, I enjoy the book/film reviews, and have added a few books to my TBR on your recommendations.

    1. L says:

      I do take a great deal of encouragement from your willingness to put your work out there. I also enjoy the reading I get to do.

      glad you add to your TBR from here as it seems only a fair trade. 🙂 thanks.

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