[TalyaWren] a vid, a Q, & a poll


Today’s TalyaWren post is about DANCE [“To Dance or Not to Dance, is Never the Question”].

There is a music video [Jason Mraz w/ Colbie Caillat “Lucky”],

a question [“Do you have a particular favorite band or song that will set you to dancing regardless of where you are?”],

and a poll [asking “Where might we catch you dancing?].

Check it out, and participate. It’s a fun post!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Carl V. says:

    I can’t say that anyone would “catch” me dancing, but when I am home alone there are some songs that can get me moving. Since you brought up Colbie Caillat, her new song “Brighter than the Sun” is one of them. Very catchy tune. Lots of older 80’s music will do that. “And we danced” by the Hooters, stuff by Billy Idol. Pink’s “Raise your Glass” is another more recent one. Basically if something has a beat you’ll find me tapping my toes. Or more if the fam is gone.

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