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Sean shared this link with me, an announcement/reminder by Orbit Books that the final installment of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time seriesA Memory of Light, will be released November 2012.  Orbit is encouraging fans to “join The Wheel of Time in its revolution and read the series in time for the final book. 13 books. 13 months.” They also posted this inspiring video featuring Blind Guardian’s “Wheel of Time” song.

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  1. Suey says:

    Awesome! But let me just say, I think a person needs much more than 13 months to read these books! 🙂 Maybe Deanna and I will have time to finish the last few before this release… yay!

  2. L says:

    I was thinking the same regarding how long it takes one, let alone 13.

  3. ibeeeg says:

    I really liked the trailer; makes the books far more exciting than they feel at times.
    I am in agreement with Suey, there is no way I could read 13 WoT books in 13 months. They are long and intensive reads. I need a break from them before starting the next one. Although, I know there are people out there who could do this.

    I am excited to know that Suey and I have one more WHOLE year left to catch up instead of just a few more months. whew!

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