(?) pt 2

Playing with themes, dangerous, I know but, well, I can’t help myself.

The other days theme was dark on dark, but I liked the quote boxes, and honestly I gravitate toward the darker backgrounds. I agree with Logan that it needed color, likely in a cool photo-collage-thingy in the header–something I haven’t yet. Notice how pale this theme is in comparison (if you happened by). My only ‘eh’ with this one is the color of the font and the size of the side-bar font. I really need to become more savvy in the manipulations of these things. Anywho, thoughts, opinions, shrugs?

Also, while we are thinking about this: What do you like to see in sidebars? How much is too much. I usually try to keep things to a minimum, but what do you always look for?


* the above image is my header from my previous (non-book) blog, The Coloring Book; something I actually threw together. There’s me sleeping (the longer you look, the weirder I look; which is likely true in waking life as well), N in her TinkerBell wings, ‘The Butterfly Dress’ by Luly Yang, and Zac Posen (Fall 2008).

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I read, and I write. and until recently, I sold books.

One thought on “(?) pt 2

  1. I prefer this layout to the darker one chiefly because it’s easier for me to read. Also, the subtle sense of decay/rot at the bottom of the page adds a nice feeling to the site. And the red looks nice with the tan.

    As for sidebars, I generally disregard them, as they tend to be static. If I notice updates then I pay attention, but usually I feel like sidebars a a subset to the blog. Once a reader gets through the post then they go to the sidebar, maybe.

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