Edward Gorey’s long lost daughter


(Newly 11) Natalya’s conversational question of the evening?

“If I had die one of the deaths from The Gashlycrumb Tinies I would rather choke on a peach or drown in a lake.”

“Daddy, what would you do? “

When pressed on the point, he said “Ennui.”

Natalya figured “Falling down the stairs would just hurt too much. And I definitely wouldn’t want to get assaulted by bears; that would be scary and hurt.”

To which I replied, “I don’t know, if I broke my neck right away, falling down the stairs wouldn’t be that bad.”


Yes, this is my morbid family.

You can bet one of Natalya’s classes will be experiencing a recitation of the book very very soon.

And then her mother will experience a call from the school counselor.


my review of Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

a slide show at fanpop

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6 thoughts on “Edward Gorey’s long lost daughter

  1. If so that should be a proud parental moment. 🙂

    Too fun. Its been awhile since I’ve read that deliciously creepy book. I’ll be getting it out soon though as it always features in my Halloween decorating. I’m leaning towards Ennui as well, but the reality is that if that took awhile it might be the most painful of all the deaths.

  2. Oh, and if she likes The Gashlycrumb Tinies, has she ever read Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror? If not and you think she can handle it, it is VERY good. So incredibly creepy. Like Gorey illustrations put into words. The two other books in the series are good too, but that one is my favorite.

    1. I remember you talking about the Tales of Terror. Thanks for the suggestion (reminder) I will definitely be looking for it at the library. She is really excited to participate in RIP. We’ve scoured our bookshelves and have made a special shelf for RIP reads.

  3. Definitely start with Uncle Montague, followed by The Black Ship and then The Tunnel (not full titles). While they aren’t true sequels, a character does mysteriously pop up in each of the subsequent books and you “get” what is going on because of reading the others. They are so spooky. I’ve read them aloud to my wife and daughter and they loved them and were creeped out by them.

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