Don’t Blink

With the return of another season of the British television series Doctor Who, this season promises to return with some of its creepiest ever. But was Saturday night’s episode “Night Terrors” all that scary in the end? Still, it was pretty good though, and wouldn’t a street full of trick-or-treater’s with those scary doll heads be awesome?!

Saturday evening sparked a conversation on what we (Sean, Natalya, and I) thought were some of the scariest, creepiest creatures and episodes on these latest series of Doctor Who.

Sean’s Top 3:

The Weeping Angels, most especially in “Blink

The Family, in “Family of Blood

The Silence, in “The Impossible Astronaut” and “Day of the Moon

Natalya’s Top 3:

The Weeping Angels

The Silence

The Wire, in “Idiot’s Lantern” …I’m Hunnngrrryyyy!!


L’s Top 3:

The Weeping Angels

The Virus in “The Waters of Mars

The Vashta Nerada and the “Silence in the Library

Because it is difficult to narrow these down, especially of the top of our head, other mentions:

Tooth & Claw“–werewolf fun for the whole family.

The Empty Child“–children in gas masks looking for their mommy=instant creep factor.

The Ood, any and every time those eyes turn red.

The ‘Smilers’ in “The Beast Below“.

Are you a Whovian? What creatures or episodes have you found to be especially creepy?

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11 thoughts on “Don’t Blink

  1. I haven’t watched any of the Series 6 episodes yet, but am probably going to break down today and buy the DVD’s as I am tired of waiting.

    The Blink angels are certainly some of the scariest and that first episode is one of my absolute favorites of the Doctor Who episodes.

    Definitely found the lady in the television to be creepy. There is something inherently eerie about black and white television shows anyway and so I find that device deliciously creepy.

  2. Weeping Angels are pretty creepy and the Vashda Narada are extremely creepy but I like the creepy Peg Dolls but instead of being scared I’d very pleased by them and wish they and their dollhouse really existed. I’d be willing to become one without resistance. I think they are the coolest people ever.

  3. You definitely highlighted the creepiest Who monsters. The angels are my favorite but those dolls would make a great Halloweeen costume!

  4. Yes, the dolls in the end weren’t as creepy as I expected (I HATE scary dolls!). I’d say you’ve got my top 3 in your lists – I definitely watched The Waters of Mars through my fingers! And while I think the Weeping Angels are an awesome creepy character the scare is mostly in the jolt of their oncoming attack. I thought The Family was pretty spooky, especially Brother (although I love that actor in the BBC show Robin Hood where he plays Will Scarlet!) Doctor Who is definitely full of excellently spooky stuff – keeps me on the edge of my seat more often than not. 🙂

  5. The angels! They only come for you when you’re not looking! My daughter knows they freak me out so she creeps up on me and poses, and scary angel-like.

    What about that “presence” in Midnight, on the bus, that possessed a body and repeated what everyone else was saying?

    1. thanks for those: that possession and repeating was very scary!–pretty sure I nearly fell off the couch squirming during that one.

  6. The weeping angels are by far the scariest creatures in Doctor Who, but I was also terrified by the Vashta Nerada, because, you know, they live in the dark and also are sustained by books or something? Hello my bedroom at night! It was a little bit difficult to sleep after that episode, I can tell you!

  7. I haven’t seen the newest season yet (have to wait ’til its on DVD) but like most people I think the Weeping Angels are the scariest Dr Who creatures, followed closely by the Silence. How do you fight something you can’t remember seeing?

    1. so true about the Silence. I was so scared for them when they went into their “underground lair” especially.

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