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3 book recs from N

Natalya received a Reading Journal for her 11th birthday and has offered to share a few of her entries with us today.


The Annoyance Bureau by Lucy Frank

Simon&Schuster, 2002

169 pages, hardcover (med.font)

(from the Library)

4/5 stars.

In short, The Annoyance Bureau is a wonderful book.

In the fifteen hours since Lucas Graham arrived in New York City, his own annoyance level has skyrocketed. […]

And who are these strange, green-coated guys milling around, muttering into walkie-talkies — guys only twelve-year-old Lucas and this Santa [outside of Book World] seem to see? Lucas overhears the words“annoyance removal,” as if they’re attuned to his innermost wishes. Something weird is going on. Weird, but irresistible.

Now this old man, Izzy Gribitz, is talking about bungling agents, secret passages, this mysterious remote control-like device, and something called the Annoyance Bureau. What does it all mean?

“That,” says Izzy, “is for me to know and you to find out.” ~publisher’s [and N’s] comments.

A quirky thriller. Follow Lucas and be prepared to laugh!

if Philip K. Dick’s story Adjustment Team, or the 2011 George Nolfi film The Adjustment Bureau comes to mind. There is a reason; though this, I believe takes a much more light-hearted approach. ~L


I, Emma Freke by Elisabeth Atkinson

Carolrhoda Books, 2010

233 pages, hardcover (med.font)

(from Library)

4.2/5 stars

A heartfelt story, I, Emma Freke, is a wonderful story of acceptance. Emma who is above average height for a 12-year-old is an outcast until she goes to a Freke family reunion and finds out that maybe she’d rather be her own freak, rather than be a Freke.

“Life wasn’t always like this.

In fact, when I was younger and dumber I usually had one or two friends to play with at recess. My grades were good but nothing special. Then my height and brains took off one summer. Even my dull hair turned redder. to make matters worse–to make matters impossibly worse–my name is Emma Freke. Like if you say it slowly, Am a Freak.” ~back copy

I am looking forward to reading this one myself, as N highly recommended it. ~L


An Acceptable Time by Madelieine L’Engle

Square Fish, 2007 edition. Originally published: 1989.

(owned copy)

4/5 stars.

Polly O’Keefe has recently moved in with her grandparents, the famous scientists, Alex and Kate Murry, when she wanders into a time 3,000 years before her own. Perhaps it’s not an accident–as she’s told by two druids: When a gate between circles of timeopens, it opens for a reason. When the gate closes behind Polly and her friend, a gravely ill Zachary, the reason becomes clear. In this desperate time, can Polly keep herself and Zachary alive until the gates reopen to bring them home? ~back cover

The people across the lake believe Polly is a goddess: and as everyone knows, only the blood of a goddess can bring the rain… (~N)

An Acceptable Time is the fifth and final  book in the Time Quintet series. If you appreciate the others, you’ll like this one. Madeleine has done a great job portraying a new character out of the off-spring of old characters–characters (like Meg’s parents) have been allowed to change over time. The read is better if you’ve read the first four books.

Out of the series, I really liked Many Waters (#4), An Acceptable Time (#5), and A Wrinkle in Time (#1); and in that order. The others were no less good necessarily, just a little slower, less action.

I have yet to read them all. and it is recommended to read them in order (for the sake of knowing who the characters are). ~L


N is currently reading: Deadly by Julie Chibbaro (Atheneum Books, 2011)

am trying to talk her into a list of her favorite reads from the summer. ~L

2 thoughts on “3 book recs from N

  1. Thanks for the post, N. The first two books sound particularly good. Anna has read “Wrinkle in Time” but not the others in the series, so we’ll wait to pick up “An Acceptable Time”. And I would LOVE to see a list of N’s favorite summer reads.

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