(not) out of commission


a friend is playing dementor and sucking the soul out of my poor laptop. we’ll see if the machine actually recovers. meanwhile, I will be confined to the pvr and (bless it all) my phone.

I hope to retrieve my reviews of Tom Angleberger’s Horton Halfpott and Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant next week and get them posted. Or I will just re-write them, because I do so much want to share them! I hope to read some fiction that is too old for middle-graders soon. Meanwhile, I started Julie Chibbaro’s Deadly which is off the j/ya shelf. It’s a book in which Typhoid Mary features. It has a great premise. It is just so much more sedate than Horton and Skulduggery. And I didn’t realize it was written in journal form.

For the weekend, I will soon post my thoughts on a few BBC shows we’ve discovered. Their first seasons are streaming on Netflix (that is how late to the party we are), but it is also good because they are accessible if you are interested in them, that is, if you have not already discovered them with everyone else.

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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