what ails


My Laptop is ailing–I hope. I really hope it didn’t die. It really wasn’t that old.

I had a few book reviews I was going to post yesterday and today that I am pretending I won’t have to re-type. In the meantime, I will throw together thoughts on a few films and other things. In a bit.

Meanwhile, I will be working from the big  computer w/ the big screen which is our television. which means it will be fairly quiet. which isn’t bad because I do have packing to do.

I want to finish the books today. I quit on those yesterday after 2 boxes of Art and Architecture books (both about and of). Why must they all be different shapes and sizes?! I have some more that will go in with the equally uncooperative textbooks from my schooling.

hope you have a fun day planned. and that all is well.




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  1. Carl V. says:

    I’m hoping for your sake that it didn’t die and just has a cold! Or a slight headache.

    It is beyond frustrating when you’ve typed a post, or posts, and then suddenly they are gone. Those are the days when I curse technology and shake my fist at the computer god.

    I’m sure I should know (but chalk it up to old age), what is the packing for?

    1. L says:


      Not sure I mentioned. We’re moving to another place in town; less on the expense and closer to the daughter’s middle school. Hope to have her riding her bike to school this year.

  2. Carl V. says:

    Well I am going to at least pretend you didn’t mention it so that I can think I am still young and sharp as a tack. 😉

    Once you strip away all the hard work involved in moving house it really is an exciting and fun thing. Getting to put your books in new places, discover new places close to your new home, etc. This sounds like an ideal thing for all of you given the decrease in expense and N being able to ride to school. I remember that with great fondness myself.

    Hope all goes smoothly for you in the move.

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