considering Twitter, primarily for the feeds, because goodness knows I can hardly even Status Update on Facebook of late… (and now I am over at Google+ where having circles is so darn attractive!).  If you’ve a twitter account and think I would be interested in knowing about it, you can email me [omphaloskepsis (at) stonhaus (dot) com] or you can comment below. Or..we could connect via Twitter?!  omphaloskepsisL  (I know, so very creative–eh?!)

also…who do you like to follow on Twitter?! I know there are some especially popular celebrities most follow.

6 thoughts on “twitter

  1. Yay!!!

    I just joined Twitter a few weeks back and already have spent way too much time with it. But I love it.

    I enjoy it as another way of keeping up with what others are posting on their blogs and just for those brief chats. I feel much more connected to a small group of book bloggers who I used to chat more with who all went to Twitter long before I did.

    The Dune readalong and the upcoming Way of Kings one are the result of the ease of conversing in Twitter.

    Thanks for the follow, I am now following you as well.

    1. I’ve seen invites to meet at a certain date and time to chat on a particular topic and can see its use; just been reluctant…

  2. Ah Twitter, and interesting beast. I have my ups and downs with it. It’s really fun sometimes when you get a good chat going, and it’s a bummer sometimes when you FEEL like getting a chat going, but no one seems to be listening. I’ve always said it’s like being in a huge big room with a massive crowd of people, and trying to get a word in with a bunch of very talkative people. Not good odds for me. But if I can get a little corner of that room full of some book buddies, then we’re good to go!

    But regardless, these days, it seems like a must if you want to keep up with the business of book blogging.

    Besides book bloggers, I do love to follow celebrities, and authors. Very fun to peek into their lives.

    Anyway, I’m @sueysays over there (cause just plain Suey was taken, and I didn’t want to be It’s All About Books! Because at Twitter, it’s all about all sorts of things if you know what I mean!) 🙂

    1. great way to talk about it–a huge room full of potential conversations.

      and you are right about the blogosphere’s extensions into Twitter and how much occurs on twitter that keeps the communities abuzz and informed.

      now to get all my social media outlets connected and working efficiently.

  3. I agree with what Suey and Carl said. Twitter is good for quick conversations; Suey made a good illustrations with a crowded room. I have been on Twitter for well over a year but since this past winter have I found my stride there. Give it a bit of time to figure out before you decide if you like or not. Carl has certainly taken off with twitter rather quickly so don’t use him as a barometer. 😉 😉

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