week-end (1)

Just a few of the things from the week…to revisit again at it’s end.

1)  Suey at “It’s All About Books” had a  thought-provoking post on “edgy” vs “gentle” books.

At the recent writer’s conference that I attended, someone (I think it was Tracy Hickman) said something that sparked my interest. He said many authors have “edgy fatigue” and wished that there was a market for a more “gentle” sort of book. […] What is edgy? And what is gentle? Do authors really yearn to be able to write a more gentle book? Do readers need it? Or are they, as was suggested, clamoring more for the edgy?

Suey goes on to try and list examples of “gentle” reads from the descriptors she considered when applied were “gentle” versus how she viewed “edgy.”  Had me thinking what descriptors I would use and what list of examples I would create; as well as the questions she had already presented.

2)  Zetta Elliott at Fledgling posted this interview with Laura Atkins, Children’s Literature Specialist.  Zetta also links a previous interview and an essay on “white privilege in the children’s publishing industry” that Ms. Atkins wrote. If you are interested in an inside perspective on the subject of privilege you will check this out. Also, if you are interested in how the publishing industry works, are interested in getting your work published…

3) I posted about an exciting replied email yesterday…regarding that Zine Project: TalyaWren. The post is called “it’s always good to hear from a favorite author”…

4) I mentioned this in the comments of “call of the wild,” the review of Suzie Templeton directed stop-animation Peter & the Wolf (2006):

was curious about Dog (2001) the stop-animation short that Suzie Templeton directed. runs just under 6 minutes..found it here.

it’s gorgeous, but dark and horrifying…a very disturbing story on so many levels–which in itself is incredibly done. made by a different group (out of the UK), the animation is still very beautiful.

p.s. not for children. watch when sunny and/or possibly not alone like i just did. i am now off to comfort myself with a samoa girl scout cookie.

I don’t feel like I could recommend this to just anyone, but if Dark and brilliantly carried off Horror along with stop-animation and short film interests you…

5) Sarah at “what we have here is a failure to communicate” shared her experience of the Boston Science Fiction Movie Festival ‘Thon  here. They showed a good mix of films for 24 hours straight  and she writes a bit about each; her commentary is always good and the line-up might peak your interest.

6) The Matter of Dreams is on the fourth-part of the 7th Chapter. The scope of Jeff Hermes’ Sci Fi novel has widened and turns have been made and Professor Harte continues to entertain. wouldn’t take to long to catch up…


did you come across something this week that will likely interest me? mention it (w/link) in the comments to check out.

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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