call of the wild


“boys like Peter are not afraid of Wolves”…they are wolves.

Peter & the Wolf (2006): set in Russia, based on Sergei Prokofiev’s story, is a short Polish-British-Norwegian model animation film. Written and directed by Suzie Templeton, it was made in Se-ma-for Studios in Łódź, Poland. This film won the 2007 Academy Award for Short Film (Animated). It is also on Netflix Streaming.

At a running time of 32 minutes, why not? I’d heard it was gorgeous. Course, I’d also heard it was without dialogue, only set to the music Sergei Prokofiev created for the story in 1936. I wasn’t sure how Natalya would take it. Fortunately, it is hypnotic. Between marveling at the animation, the set and characters created, and the music, Peter & the Wolf is riveting.

The stop animation is so fluid at times. And the characters (human and animal) are incredibly emotive. We were compelled to see the story through. And what is the story?

In Susie Templeton’s film version, Peter is kept from the dangers of the wild by his grumpy grandfather. There are wolves still roaming about. But the wall his grandfather builds will not keep Peter from exploring the other side. Really, how is the “wild” any more hostile than “civilization” in a town where he is socially awkward/outside and bullied.

The other side is perilous, there is a hungry wolf waiting. But Peter is compelled to confront his other side. And would eventually free them both.

Peter & the Wolf can be taken rather simply. A visual masterpiece that tells a short story set to a beautifully atmospheric score. But naturally, the content is much more complex.  This is 32 minutes of film that was not wasted.


Imdb link . Wiki link . Official website. An interview with Susie Templeton.

Peter & the Wolf (2006)

Directed by Susie Templeton

Written by Suzie Templeton & Marianela Maldonado

Cinematography Hugh Gordon & Mikołaj Jaroszewicz

Editing by Suzie Templeton & Tony Fish

Studio/Distributed by BreakThru Films

Running time 32 minutes





6 Comments Add yours

  1. ibeeeg says:

    Just based on the graphics alone that you have posted, this film looks visually breathtaking. I am drawn to it. Netflix streaming, fantastic. This will be something that we view as a family either tonight or more likely tomorrow night. Thanks for pointing this one out.

  2. Awesome. This looks fantastic, and the premise of basing it solely on the score is cool. Thanks, again, for adding another thing to my watch list.

  3. tuulenhaiven says:

    I LOVED this when I saw it among the Oscar nominated shorts that year. 🙂

  4. Carl V. says:

    I am big time in love with this production. I happened to catch it on television awhile back and then found it on a DVD of other nominated short films at the library recently and watched it with my daughter. I was predisposed to like this anyway because I have long been passionate about stop-motion animation, but this even blew away those expectations. “Hypnotic” is a great description. And you are dead on in describing the characters as “emotive”. The film makers capture mood and expression and emotion so well with their creations. And I just adore the goose!

    1. L says:

      we, too, adore the goose.

      was curious about Dog (2001) the stop-animation short that Suzie Templeton directed. runs just under 6 minutes..found it here:

      it’s gorgeous, but dark and horrifying…a very disturbing story on so many levels–which in itself is incredibly done. made by a different group (out of the UK), the animation is still very beautiful.

      p.s. not for children. watch when sunny and/or possibly not alone like i just did. i am now off to comfort myself with a samoa girl scout cookie.

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