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Really quick, between packing bags and packing up the car before picking up the other family members for a weekend down at the in-law’s.

Earlier today I was having my daily injection of Blogs and naturally Google Reader tells me that Boston Bibliophile posted. It’s Friday, she would be sharing her Finds. And she does find some fantastic things. Anywho. For whatever reason I am reminded of an earlier post (January 30th) where Marie shares with her readers that her husband is posting a Sci Fi story on-line.  “My husband is blogging now too- he’s serializing his own novel at The Matter of Dreams. It’s a science fiction thriller about the dream world, government conspiracies and the power of love.”

I had started it, only about a chapter and half and what with this and that had misplaced it in my mind somewhere. Remembering it, I thought, “Hey, it would fit in nicely with The Sci Fi experience.” I started back at the beginning today and I fairly inundated the author, Jeff Hermes, with comments as I went.

I had no real premise or synopsis to go on. What caught my attention is “the dream world” aspect of Marie’s description. That kind of thing interests me. And thus far, Jeff Hermes is holding my attention. There is a Philip K. Dick smoothness to the transitions between one “real” state and another, deftly collapsing the two. Jesse Ball does this, too; it’s lovely.  The conversations about consciousness, bridging dream states, the insomnia, the hallucinations…enjoying this.

The writing is clean. The images are crisp. The humor is first-rate. The protagonist, Matt is very amusing–as is Dr. Harte –he is brilliantly portrayed.

The Prologue is gorgeous.

At first The Matter of Dreams was merely intriguing. Now I am compelled to see where this is going. No, I can’t even speculate, Hermes has only posted just into Chapter 6. I am curious, impatiently so… I think you should be too. I think you should check it out.

If you should misplace the memory you were reading ‘The Matter of Dreams’ or this post, I will remind you somewhere along the way, maybe in a couple more chapters or once a month. We’ll see where all this is going together. It’s like a read-along, but not, because none of us can secretly cheat and read ahead.


aside: You know, I am impressed with people who put their writing out there. Logan posts his stuff all the time. I admire that. It is good to support Writers and it’s nice when they make it so easy. Take advantage of an effortless good deed.

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  1. Jeff Hermes says:

    Thank you so much for the kind review!

    Just in case you were wondering — I was busy posting a new installment at exactly the time you were reading, so your comments were coming through in real time as I was working on the blog. Couldn’t resist commenting back!

  2. I’ll have to check this serial out when I get the time. The last one I found I got hooked on the excellent plot, but the blogger stopped posting and the story never ended. This is somewhat jading. Anyway, thanks for sharing the find, and thanks also for linking my blog!

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