snow days and projects


Today’s regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted by the following:

Snow Day! [It’s hard living in states where they are prepared for Winter Weather and so there is hardly a day off–ever! ] They announced it yesterday evening. I love it when they do that. We can sleep in. Well, except Sean whose only consolation was he got to take the car instead of the bus into work. Man is it cold!

But what to do with the daughter today that doesn’t involve marathon readings of The Hardy Boys and Agatha Christie, or marathon watching of PBS shows which she claims helps her with ideas/solutions for Odyssey of the Mind. Will she talk me into a marathon watch of Lord of the Rings?

She is still in bed, buried under her quilt somewhere. I think she knows I am creating a list in here. clean-up here, clean-up there…  There is a few things she and I should probably put some time in on. These go under the heading of:

Natalya is coinciding a massive Art/Literacy Project (of her own devising*) with a Fund-raising Effort to get herself to Berlin in Late Spring. It works as a “Thank you for your monetary support may I in turn gift you with a homemade zine?” Better, she has friends supporting the Project and Effort by contributing works of Art, Stories, Recipes, etc. We thought we should have enough material of Natalya’s own, but we thought it would be a fun opportunity for friends to share and to garner greater interest in the Project and Effort.

Anyway, we are working right up to the “submission” date with our own works and features. N is hoping to include an interview with her favorite author. I am hoping to find something to submit that would be content-appropriate for the age 10 & up range we put on the zine. I’m just not sure that juvenile-fic story I worked on at the daughter’s request is up to scratch…though it would be only an excerpt on that one. And anything else would require an illustrator (even my stick figures are sub-par). We’ll see. I have a few more days. Then we will be glue-sticking, taping, and stapling the zine together. Hmmm..I wonder if we could get another Snow Day during that phase of the Project.


* this is not our first zine since I learned about zines while living in Portland where there is even a shop for zines; however, this is our first zine of this scale (going outside our own material, and sending them out beyond immediate family members & friends).




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  1. ibeeeg says:

    This zine sounds super cool! Seriously, very cool. How awesome that she is putting together something as a thank you gift to those who will help her gather enough funds to go to Berlin….which that trip is also super cool. Ummm…is she going with a group without you???

    I would love to see a sample of the zine…that is, if you are willing. Have you looked at my current Sunday Post? I put up a few photos of my Elliana’s book project. She loves to draw; illustrate, and just plain ol’ create. Something like a zine would be up her alley…I am certain. She likes to write too, but nearly as much as drawing.

    Anyway…hope you have great snow day. I think tomorrow will bring us a snow day.

    1. L says:

      The daughter is going as a part of an exchange with other students in the District, so she gets to go have all this excitement without me. Lucky girl. Berlin is an incredible city!

      i am really impressed with Elliana’s book! I like that the back cover has “praise” and a barcode–awesome. And she does draw well!

      N would love to illustrate as well as write, but artwork is more work for her than the writing part is; it doesn’t come as “naturally.”

      When Natalya was younger, she thought the Library was made up of books that people essentially self-published and left on the shelves to check out. She wanted to put some books together to leave on the shelf. …sigh. one of these times we will.

      The zine is a fun way for us to combine arts/crafts and writing. I talked to Nate and she thought we could use more Art if Elliana has something she’d like to include… and/or a comic, we could use that too. I’ll send you a copy of the “guideline” information. If the submission deadline is too close, we could fudge it, and just make space as we are piecing the zine together.

      regardless, I’m sure I could manage getting you a copy of the finished product.

      1. ibeeeg says:

        If one of my kids were going abroad, I would be so envious, but I would also be incredibly pleased for them. Lots and lots of photos I am sure she will take. Also, will you be doing some sort of cell phone plan with her so that you can communicate, or is that too costly?

        I love the story about N’s view on the library when she was younger. I hope she does not ever loose the love for wanting to write a book to be placed on the library shelf.

        The style of drawing that you saw on my post is what Elliana does these days. She is constantly producing art…every day. Actually, she is in the process of creating me a new avatar thing, and possibly a header for my blog. I hope it turns out well. I mean, I know it will turn out well on her end, but on my end is where I worry. Being able to scan the drawing into my system and then to be able to tweak it well enough to look good on the blog with the white space that will surround the actual drawing. Follow? Regardless, however the final product turns out on my actual blog, her creation(s) will be used. My current avatar, by the way, was drawn by 15 year old in 2009.

        I am going to email you because I think Elliana would be interested in contributing. Of course, I will need to still talk to her. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. L says:

          i hope she gets good and plenty of pics! We will communicate via Skype. We will actually get to meet the host student and her family via Skype before she goes, so that will be cool. Otherwise, the expense for cell phones is significant.

          fantastic that you have an artist around. I tend to hover over our Resident Artist’s shoulder, getting in the way…

  2. ibeeeg says:

    oops…I meant that Elliana does like to write, but *not* nearly as much as drawing.

    1. L says:

      email me if you’d like the rambling pages of “info & guides”.. L (dot) marie (dot) d @ gmail (dot) com

  3. Such an awesome idea!

    I’ve already got my next LOTR marathon weekend planned. Come the end of March, we’re watching all three extended versions plus playing an epic game of Risk that will hopefully spread over an entire weekend. Already can’t wait.

    1. ibeeeg says:

      haha Logan…you have a whole weekend in March already planned! Wow! I barely plan weekends out..well..I work, but even so. Is March a special month for LOTR for you? Sounds like such fun, and such luxury. My husband and I were talking about watching a movie yesterday (he was home and before I went to work) and well…that did not pan out and for sure it does not happen when IJ is home…the older children not so much of any issue. Anyhow, enjoy the weekend and the ability to devote the time to watching movies. Fun.

      1. Nah, my wife is going to be out of town for a women’s retreat, and so in order to assert manliness (and youthful fun), we’ve already prepared a guy’s retreat, if you will. Rejuvenation for both of us!

    2. L says:

      sounds like fun Logan, and a really good idea. we are watching the first one (Natalya’s favorite of the 3) right now, but the cut version (for the sake of time).

      we played Risk some months back, but Sean so quickly eliminated me (as my brothers had always done) I sulked and we’ve yet to play again. If a game involves dice I have the worst luck.

      1. I’ve not watched the theatrical cuts since I purchased the Extended Versions back when they first came out. I just can’t do it, not after seeing the glory of the Full Thing. (I really can’t wait to get the Extended Blu-Rays…)

        Yeah, I’m already scheming for alliances for the Risk weekend. Gotta stay prepared!

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