concenter 2011


In 2010, I opened a page/tab to house a List I labeled “Concenter.” This Reading List breaks into two parts: Middle-grade and Young Adult books published in 2010 by authors of African descent (in the US), the other is by Hispanic authors of the same parameter. The first part was compiled at “Fledgling” by Zetta Elliott and the second was compiled by Doret at “The Happy Nappy Bookseller.” (Check out the page/tab for links and further explanation.)

Pulling from the list proved a great experience. My regret is that I did not increase my odds of finding a not-so-pleasurable-read in the lot. I only read 3 books from each and posted on them. I had intended to do at least one a week. I need to increase this goal.

The six books read were: Miss You, Mina by Denene Millner; One Crazy Summer by Rita Garcia-Williams; Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes; Big Red Umbrella by Christina Diaz Gonzalez; How Tia Lola Learned to Teach by Julia Alvarez; The Firefly Letters by Margarita Engle.

I plan to continue using the 2010 list into 2011. I also want to add two new 2011 lists. Reading “Fledgling” the other day, Elliott provided a link to ColorOnline where a list for 2011 has been compiled for books about people of color and/or by authors of color in the realm of YA and MG. I was very thrilled by this. I plan to update the Concenter List soon.

In this new year, I would really like to get some guest posts on these books; not links but actual postings. I was thinking how at the end of the year or from a date-to-date time I could host a give-away to the guest-bloggers who post from the Concenter List, as a thank-you; involved could be a (hardback) copy of a book from the list to their local school or Library or for friends. Some ideas I am kicking around. Meanwhile there is a reading challenge over at ColorOnline and the community in which the blog is involved. Seems like a good opportunity for all of us.

As for guest-bloggers… I really appreciate the husband and daughter for multiple postings this last year. And for my friend Leah who let me borrow her review on Tyler Perry’s 2010 film For Colored Girls. What to do this year-?—with Sean having his blog, Leah maintaining her own, and even the daughter has a book-ish column on her class website!—I will still beg and borrow, for all our sakes. I find guests to be a refreshing change-up now and again. The same with the occasional short post.


Yesterday, Zetta Elliott at “Fledgling” posted this loveliness:

“below is a list of all the black US-based authors who have a middle grade or young adult novel coming out in January, February, and March.  Why not add some to your TBR list, request them at your library, and ask your favorite bloggers to post reviews?  We’ve got to show support for these books or the number of published black authors will never rise…”

Check out the list and see if there is one that interests you, look for it, read, and if you don’t have a blog I would very likely host you here if you’d like to write about it. L (dot) marie (dot) d @ gmail (dot) com.

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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