(1st) Monday (2011)


Welcome to the year 2011 on omphaloskepsis!

Hope you had a wonderful holidays!

You’ve noticed the new look. I am trying out a few themes for the new year; this one is called “elegant grunge.” comments/suggestions welcome, of course. I am thinking that by the end of the week I will have either decided to go back to the old look or have a new and satisfactory one.

Trying to write a shortish wrap-up for 2010 yesterday, I realized why many spend the last week of December doing so, or at least the last few days. Just the same, I read a Fantastic book the 30th and 31st that bumped another off my best of 2010 reads list. I will post that “review” next week. I will post my best of reading list tomorrow. I’ve decided to spend this week transitioning into this new year–here at omphaloskepsis.


Today… I’ve mentioned the appearance-play. You may have noted a new page/tab for ‘A Film List (remarked).’ I added this with the intention of putting up more “reviews” on Films. The husband suggested that my reading of films was a “strength” and I suggested that maybe the practice would be good. Perhaps this will have me returning to my film culture/crit reads. The page/tab is a reminder to me and I hope to triple the present list of linked “reviews.”

I did not watch many new films in 2010, let alone “review” them. Really, I didn’t watch much television or film as I have in the past and when I did watch it was re-running already-seen films. I plan to change this in 2011.  Meanwhile, I feel so bad about how few new films I watched, I bugged Sean aka the husband aka Guestblogger S to list me a few of his faves of 2010. Sean has watched quite a few films in 2010 and they have varied in genre and popularity. He actually gave me a top 5!! ~thanks darlin’!

Sean’s The Best (new-to-me) Viewed in 2010:

1-Inception (2010), director: Christopher Nolan.

2-(500) Days of Summer (2009), director: Marc Webb.

3-Helvetica (2007), a documentary, director: Gary Hustwit.

4-Scott Pilgrim vs The World (2010), director: Edgar Wright.

5-5 Centimeters per Second (2007), animated, director Makoto Shinkai

AND Paris (2008), French w/ subtitles, director: Cédric Klapisch.

Sean’s top picks for his television year, because he opines about television as well:

Best New Series: The Walking Dead (2010) and Justified (2010).

As for the Best Show in their 2010 Season: Dexter : Season 5.


If we only had the time to feed into our video game desires…



While I am here, sharing use of Sean’s valuable interests, I will share another interest of Sean’s (he has many; and I can only talk so much about myself). Sean likes bicycles. He likes to look at them, ride them, read about them, dream about them, build them… Now Sean is going to blog about them.  He launched his blog “sean’s cyclebabble” today. I am very excited for him. Sean posted his intentions in November, awaiting a new year to begin this venture:

i talk of bikes endlessly. My wife is tired of hearing about them. She’s about ready to have me looking at “objectionable-content” if it means i’m not looking at bicycles, tricycles, recumbent tricycles or the occasional penny-farthing. That’s where this blog comes in.

Starting in January, this space is boxed out to follow me as i build-out a new bike. It also will act as sounding board as i find new and exciting cycle things to babble about. Hopefully that means product critiques and cycle-culture musings and a bio or two about people i admire.

It’s going to be great! Check out Sean’s blog!

Hmmm… shameless promotions…something to add to the tag line?  I’ve not done an interview of someone yet, author or blogger or mail carrier… Something to think about with this new year. Something to think about on Thursday when the week’s conversation turns to Guestbloggers.

Stay tuned.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Carl V. says:

    Great list of top films, mostly because I haven’t seen many of them which means I have fun stuff to check out. I did really enjoy Inception, although I put Shutter Island just ahead of it this year. I thought Scott Pilgrim was a visual masterpiece but I found the characters to be largely unlikable to the point where the film didn’t endear itself to me…which is a shame because it was amazing to look at.

    As much as I proclaim to be a big fan of Zooey Deschanel, I cannot believe I haven’t seen (500) days of summer. Its time to rectify that.

    The cycle blog sounds fun and I wish him all the best. I used to visit a couple of blogs that were very heavy on cycling content but cannot for the life of me remember now what they were. If they spring to mind I’ll post a couple of links. It is always nice to find others with similar blogging interests in the hope of generating readers and discussion at your own site. Please keep us updated over here too because I’d love to pop in once and awhile and see how the building process is going.

    1. L says:

      i like “top lists” for their shopping value and I haven’t seen the two 5’s on Sean’s list though a good portion of ‘5 cm’ and heard about ‘Paris’… While I liked ‘Shutter Island’ more than many of the critics, I unfortunately held the director in mind and the good portion of his corpus that I have seen (I had a film class on Scorcese), so in some ways I was disappointed…

      we love Zooey, too! We just finished the mini-series, ‘Tin Man’.. have you seen it? a bit rough but she was as enjoyable as ever. We love love Joseph Gordon Levitt and that was why we picked up ‘(500) Days’; found it amusing that he was in both of Sean’s 2 top picks.

      will try to keep the updates on Sean’s blog here. and if you remember some good links, always appreciated–thanks Carl!


      1. cyclebabble says:

        as a pitch for 5cm per second… it’s one of the prettiest japanimes i have ever seen. the story is constructed in a very unusual way, more akin to poetry than prose.

        if you like pretty cartoons… its a must see. if you aren’t a animation person, it will probably be wasted.

  2. I like it. Certainly a surprise flipping over here and expecting the darker colors. This is easy to see and read, though I didn’t have a problem with the old theme in that matter.

    Still, overall, I like it.

    1. L says:

      the look is growing on me.. and browsing themes i only wrote down two others…sigh.

      thanks for your opinion.


      1. cyclebabble says:

        i’m going to throw my support at this theme also. have been enjoying it this last week.

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