The Purple Quill

A post inspired by the Firecracker girl, Brain boy, and this “mysterious soul”


~I have always gone by a different name than what is on my birth certificate, which is Elizabeth.

-“I’ve read all of [Roald Dahl’s] books, but [The BFG] is my absolute favorite. It’s wild and funny and touching.”

~I studied art history at Brown University.

~“Sometimes I think we are who we are right from the beginning. I was a watcher. I loved disappearing into books. I wanted to be a writer by the time I was eight; as a kid, I played with words in my head, turning them this way and that as if they had color and sparkle. The puzzle was always to allow words to shine singly yet also fit together in combinations that felt just right. I’m still working on it.”

~I’ve just published my fourth mystery novel for children.

~ I set my stories in real world places and in real world mysteries .

~ For my latest novel, “When I discovered that a small but hugely valuable object owned by one of the biggest thinkers of all time had been stolen years ago and was still gone, I was so excited. My mind was buzzing with ‘What if’s, and I knew just where that object should be found.”

-I like to think about real world questions like:  “Is it okay to break rules in order to get something important done? What is art and what makes it valuable? How do you find a hugely valuable stolen treasure? Do coincidences mean anything?” these are ideas that I’ve explored in my books.

~“All kids can be amazing problem-solvers and powerful thinkers, no matter what they are good at doing or whether they’re successful in school. That belief is at the heart of everything that I write.”

~”I have loved [Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson] forever. I think I’d like to do what Harold does in the story.”

~ ‘Unexpected things go into my writing… an article found in the newspaper, conversations I overhear, a person I see out a window or in a store, a place I visit, even dreams… they’re all a part of it. And daydreaming is essential, at any age. Our world moves so quickly that I think writers need to find ways to slow it down, often by thinking at times when it looks like they’re doing something else. Writers use everything.”

~ I am “intrigued” by “the idea that so-called weaknesses can become strength.” An “exciting question” to ask is: “Are there also times when a physical disability can allow a person to accomplish things that others might not?” This is a line of thought I explore in my latest novel.

Who am I?

Where do you find your inspiration?


I will provide the answer (and or confirmation) tomorrow, with a write-up and all the links from which I garnered the above information and quotes.

…and yes, I know you need only paste a quote into a search box and find the answer.

But you’ll come back. I’ve a great read to share with you.

2 thoughts on “inspired

  1. Fun post, and no, I don’t who this is. I will be looking for your post tomorrow because I am not going to google. 🙂

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