concenter (con·cen·ter); Pronunciation:/kənˈsentər, kän-/; verb:

1. [with object] concentrate (something) in a small space or area.

2. [no object] come together or collect at a common center.

3. archaic bring or draw (two or more things ) toward a common center.

~ Oxford English Dictionary.

I’ve opened a new page (tab) named “Concenter.”

I was trying to find a word for pulling that which is out in the margins toward the center. S picked concenter over centripetal–thanks for the opine, darlin’.

The page will house those two lists of marginalized groups of mg/ya writers I’ve been mentioning  of late. I will link any posts on any of the books I read. Honestly, I will probably not read all of them.  But I will try to read most. And I am ever happy to welcome a guest-blogger if you’ve a mind to read and write about one. If you’ve a blog, I can just link directly from list to your post. If you’ve not a blog, email me.

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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