While #3: Contemplating an Old work while Reading a New one…

complication a. Neither book has much in common.

I am trying to write a post on my reading of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. I started it last night and I thought I would just get up and post the ramblings I’d created. I found myself in digressions. Then there was a quote I wanted to use and couldn’t find it. Really, I need a book club with a very focused mediator to say, “that is all nice and good, L, but let’s focus ourselves shall we?”–or a professor?–“precision, L. Mind your Intention.”

Meanwhile, I am reading The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff. Perhaps you’ve heard the raving reviews on this debut novel? I had. And well, isn’t the cover intriguing enough? In the end, it was the premise that got me. A Replacement, a changling, as protagonist; how clever and unusual…

I am near half way through. I am struggling. I think it is because I am reading this after reading Atwood, and I am still thinking about Atwood’s book… It may be unfair to critique Yovanoff’s story after the masterful Atwood. You ever have those situations? I will try to be fair.. I know I can be… Hope to finish that read tonight.


While #1: Simultaneous Reads while experiencing Time Constraints

complication c: Desiring to make daily blog posts goals.

Sean reminded me I need to get to Dracula by Bram Stoker soon. It is long and different and is almost mid-October. Yes, I said. I plan on it. Next. But I have Cornelia Funke’s new book Reckless from the Library and I know I cannot renew that one, and Nate just devoured School of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari and set it next to me and said, “You need to read this.”

The plan is this: Read Dracula while reading Reckless and then while reading School of Fear. And all the while we are reading aloud for bedtime, The Two Towers by Tolkien. I will take notes, not get another distracting cold and still enjoy my parent’s visit next week! You may have guessed I am not working at a job right now, nor am I in a University. This is Limbo, though a better level than previously experienced. So I should get all done and really, the whining is insulting, right? And need anyone remind me of that one Summer term with how many books/pages per day that intelligent response was required?!

So while I am doing this, I will maintain the usual or interesting postings (though hopefully they will be both on the same day).

*note: am making up A Reader’s Whiles as I go along. (as I realized it is 200 pm and I didn’t post yesterday.) I haven’t written #2 yet.. but suggestions are, of course, welcome.

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  1. ibeeeg says:

    I feel your pain. Really, I do.
    I read The Handmaid’s Tale in August and never reviewed it. Not because I did not like the read. Nope, the opposite is true. I am overwhelmed by the read, not because I do not understand but I am not certain how to clearly state what a great book it is. How can I give good examples of this one? Actually, this book says to me that I should do buddy type review similar to my Meshing of Minds review that I do, and will do more of with my friend Jody. Really, I think that is how I need to go on this one. I wish you well.

    Yes, I have come off of reading one book that was vastly different from the current read plus the first read was good so it tainted the second read, I think. I know this happened big time for me after reading Dracula then hopping right into Mockingjay.

    As far as you reading Dracula. I think you should. I have realized that I am appreciating that book more and more the further out from the read I am. Also, by know the Dracula story is giving me a far better appreciation for the vampire lore on the whole.

    I want to read The Replacement. I love the cover and the premise is appealing. I hope that you will like it, and that your meh feeling towards it is because of reading Handmaid right before.

    Again, I wish you well with quandary.

    By the way, I like the first photo in this post. Cool shot.

    1. L says:

      the meshing idea is a good one. And the one I read of your and Jody’s was well-done. I think I will approach the post from the controversial aspects, as I did read it for banned books week… we’ll see.

      Am looking forward to Dracula, and I’m glad to hear it lingers in all the best ways. I liked your post on it, and plan to link it back here when I finish the read.

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