the saga continues (yes, still unpacking)


The husband is off to his first day at his new job.

The daughter is off to the first Monday at her new school (though this is week 2, they started last Tuesday).

And I am at the desk looking at the view (as seen right). I am trying not to look down. Do you spy the stack of things on the daughter’s window bench? Of course not. I cropped the picture. One stack is the daughter’s things, which I should take to stack among the other stacks in her room. The other are things requiring wall hanging. I think I shall move that pile to the top of the few book boxes that are just on the other side of the wall I am presently facing–you know, out of view. Yes, there are still book boxes, but these are re-packed. And what few we kept out of them in the sorting process have cluttered the bookcase more. But that bookcase will have to wait.

There are other priorities.

You’ll notice here what is lurking don’t you? Above is the view over my left shoulder. Hmm, a bookshelf full of books (Art & Architecture). That shelf reminds me that Sean recommended 4 or so of his books on Writing about Art after I told him I was interested in learning some of that so as to strengthen my approach to comics. I should get started soon, a few are pretty dense.  And on the chair in the corner there is that book I haven’t picked up in a day, Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love.

The door, and the box, belong to the daughter’s room. And I have thought to help her a bit since we were all pretty lazy this weekend. I will begin with her bookshelf. No, I will not organize that beast, but well, there are piles everywhere. Picture books, Poetry, some bilingual books, and her Science and Reference books go on the bottom. The top she decided to put her favorites and then let them bleed onto the second where the slightly less favorite will live. This was the option she went with over the many possibilities. We used to try to alphabetize.

We shall see what we can fit on N’s shelf. We’ve a few more shelves that need repainting and they can be added. Really, we are all competing for shelf space anymore. And N’s books were even pared down a bit before the move.

S and I created space on our shared shelves for books N can have access to, especially since she’s been known to browse more and more. These are the books that are technically Sean’s or mine–I have moved both my Lauren Child books: Utterly Me, Clarice Bean and Clarice Bean: Don’t Look Now from the lend position to the returned. Note the last Harry Potter tome that we are about to re-read together before the film. And then there are two Henrik Ibsen books of plays that I have to change places with a collection of Emily Dickinson (whom the daughter also loves) and collection of the works of Poe. I have decided those will be the border books. Also, I have to do something with that stack of books on top of the Lord of the Rings series, though goodness knows she might actually get HERmione by H.D. Ugh…see?! Things to do there, lurking at the periphery. I suppose I should get to it. I have a couple of books I want to get to, and certainly a few reviews to write…and…

I’m working out the blog page… working through Categories, and Links should appear soon as well.

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