libraries unlimited

(N before a growth-spurt, hair cut, & summer tan; but she still loves grandma’s reading chair and and still has active toes while reading)

Went to the Library yesterday. It was the last time we planned to visit the inside of that branch in this city/district.  I had canceled all requests but one and that was because I was anticipating that one to be held before we moved and the book could easily be consumed in two and a half days.

We went yesterday to pick up Ridley Pearson’s Kingdom Keepers II: Disney at Dawn. (She thought the first one was great.–and yes, she was begging to go to Disney World afterward.)

The daughter decided she wanted a few comics. That has been her first Children’s Section shelf to visit all summer. (The shelf that is really Arts & Crafts in the Non-Fiction Section.) Since she reads them fairly quickly we figure a few wouldn’t hurt. I reminded her she had only a few days until they had to be turned in.

I pick up the hold. N heads to hunt comics. I catch up with her and she and some slightly younger boy have ravaged the shelf.

Her finds:

Magic Pickle by Scott Morse

Michael Townsend’s Amazing Greek Myths of Wonder and Blunders (she was really excited about this one.)

The Swiss Family Robinson: the graphic novel retold by Martin Powell

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped (graphic novel) Adapted by Alan Grant, Illustrated by Cam Kennedy.

Redwall: the Graphic Novel Brian Jacques’ story, Adapted by Stuart Moore, Illustrated by Bret Blevins.






The Spy-Catcher Gang by John Kelly and Inklink

3 The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers, the graphic novel series, all written by Scott Lobdell:

#9 To Die or Not to Die? (Artist: Paulo Henrique),

#11 Abracadeath (Artist: Tim Smith 3),

#15 Live Free, Die Hardy! (Artist: Paulo Henrique)


Exiting that non-fiction section it is easiest quicker natural to pass through the fiction aisles. Here, N picked up:

Agnes Parker, Girl in Progress by Kathleen O’Dell

Green by Laura Peyton Roberts

The Dragon Boy: Book One of the Star Trilogy by Donald Samson


Then she had me add The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud to the ‘Natalya’s Book List’ I keep in my phone.

I reminded her that The Red Pyramid (Rick Riordan) was still needing to be finished.

She’s since read most of the comics, we’ll see what of the other books make it onto the phone’s list.

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4 thoughts on “libraries unlimited

    1. thank you..
      the daughter has made it through all the comics (as have myself and the husband)..onto the novels.

    1. summer-time at the library are among the few times crowded aisles don’t irritate or frustrate me…(unless I just know someone is walking around with that long-awaited “rapid read” that the computer has sworn was on the shelf and is no longer–but I behave)

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