Nearly every aspect of life at the moment is topsy-turvy.  When I use the word “moment” it is with the rare optimism that all that is will be a mere speck in some future memory. Yes, deep sigh. Shot through the packing and planning and general madness is the missing of the short one. The daughter will be home from friends and camp Saturday…

Amidst the mania there has been loveliness. Yes, much of the loveliness is of an omphaloskepsis context.

Sean and I went to a stellar film and ate nachos. Inception (2010) was wondermous, and I am working on a post that will contain spoilers (if possible) so you’ve time to go see it first.

I read two fractured fairytales that were enjoyable and worth sharing. I am working on that post as well. They were found via two different book blogs and I will more than likely link to their excellent reviews and then make a few comments.

Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks just came of the request list at the Library. Been waiting.

I started reading Balzac and The Little Chinese Seamstress by Sijie Dai last night. I picked it up before Evil Genius came in so I thought I might should read it first. That and it is shorter. It is a little book. When Sean and I left the Library that day, I had this book and The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker which is fairly slim. Sean had four Science Fiction books in hand. All four were thick. I flipped open one and the print was tiny and the margins were small. Sean suggests my panic at seeing a thick book with tiny print and non-existent margins would make for an amusing post. Maybe a video post that day? Really, what kind of English Major am I?

Sean and I also watched Shutter Island (2010, Martin Scorcese, Leonardo DiCaprio) the other day, in the middle of the day. A DiCaprio weekend and his characters’ questionable realities.

Before either DiCaprio film, we watched Heima (2007). Heima is a magnificent 97 minutes of Iceland and Sigur Rós. We can’t wait for the daughter to get home so she can watch it with us. The film holds incredible beauty.


“Hoppipolla” by Sigur Rós from Takk… (2005).

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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