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We are getting the daughter packed and ready for the next week and half. We are getting anxious about our upcoming move to wherever (we are not all that sure). We are getting–a little crazed around here.

So as to not abandon this blog for a few weeks, and to move comments made about books read before this blog on my previous hodge-podge of a site, I am going to be re-posting some past-date pieces from “the coloring book” here.

If I find what I wrote no longer relevant I will spare the reader, or will make comment about what an idiot I was.

Was thinking about this post (below) because I found a nice copy of the book at a used book store last month. I was very thrilled…well, still am.

******************************From August 18, 2009.

I just finished The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, Illustrations by Ellen Forney (Little, Brown Young Readers, 2007; 229 pages). —Wow.

This is a great book. I think I read Sean most of the first few chapters earlier today, and continued to be annoying with my chuckling every few minutes. Simultaneously funny and poignant. the self-deprecation of the narrator/main character is perfect—it comes across as neither cute, clever, or overwrought. And the cadence of the words. the author truly is a storyteller: and his short-story writing experience benefits the reader here. he chooses the metaphors–images that are true to the fourteen-year-old-male-narrator that, at times, admittedly suits my juvenile humor.

Yeah, it is found in the “YA” section of the library, is a bit too old for the “juvenile” shelves, though is “juvenile” fiction. heard a lot of rave reviews on this one, which automatically makes me suspicious, and not the least bit interested. But this tiny new library I’ve signed up at (after this move) actually had copies.

On the back are “advanced praises” by various authors. The first quote is by Neil Gaiman where he says a couple of things and ends with this: “I have no doubt that in a year or so it’ll both be winning awards and being banned.” so true.

This will be an add-to to my ever growing lists of books to own. (and when Natalya is a teen, I hope she’ll read it). Wouldn’t limit my adult readers here: it is not a nauseating coming-of-age (as I’ve had my limit of this summer). The protagonist is a hormonal 14 yr old male. Basketball is played and of interest to the book. There is violence. There is language. Some things would shock and warrant protest, I suppose….a character’s life can be unflinching that way: Alexie captures this.

Like I mentioned: I just finished the book not 20 minutes ago. I am still thinking about it. Considering. Reeling. Energized. The characterization is wonderful. The pace, a quick read, fun, interesting, provoking, humorous. I love the repetitions, and the fragments.


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