here’s hoping.

I was rambling endlessly on my “About” page and the frustration drove me to muttering to myself. My daughter happened to be standing at my shoulder; “Don’t doubt yourself, Mom,” she tells me. She pats my shoulder and flitters off.

At dinner this same evening she turns to me and says, “Mom. I am going to challenge you. I challenge you to write only one page reviews.”

I ask, “10-point font and single space?” (And yes, my just leaving fourth-grade child does understand what I am talking about–and that I am attempting to avoid her challenge.)

She frowns at me.

“Well,” I continue, “I could edit down to a page if I had time,” (and were not lazy or rebellious or enjoying my more than a page). “How ’bout I challenge you to write at least one post a week for me on something you’ve read recently, or watched or listened to.”

She agreed. And began scheming. She thinks maybe more than one post a week. I reminded her at least one. And we talked about the different forms book blog posts take.

I told her to get to work.


Today is our first day of summer vacation. We went to the library and signed up for Summer Reading, picked some audio-books, and found some reads to take with us on a trip to see relatives. We drive tomorrow.

Reading and blogging about reads should be tricky during the uncoordinated and travel-intensive summer we have planned, but with the help of a new side-kick on omphaloskepsis we should have at least one post a week to look forward to.

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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