So I haven’t been reading or writing, or even watching anything…and the music isn’t new; though I did listen through our cache of Clem Snide whom I had only heard a few songs before. I suppose I could write about that… I like “The Dairy Queen” and “My Moment in the Sun” most.

Anyway, this is me saying that I will be getting back to it…the reading and all.

On the night stand (so to speak) is:

Andreas Eschbach’s The Carpet Makers is truly a fantastic read (even as I am only on chapter 2).

And I have Francis Hardinge’s The Lost Conspiracy in my stack (and there are few children’s lit authors I admire more).


I really dislike that feeling of desiring a read and having nothing new that satisfies; worse is having a read or two to anticipate and I find myself just staring at the page.

I shall blame this on allergies; and my daughter’s incredible pile of projects due for school next week; and certainly my husband having to work a while in another state…

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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